It's not Good for Man to be alone!

6/28/2006 Estreitta 0 Comments

According to a recent study released by Duke University, they found that Americans have isolated themselves more than they were 20 years ago. The study also found that close to 25% of people surveyed said they had no close friends with whom they confide in. More than 50 % say they have two or fewer they consider to be close friends. They also reported to be closer to a family member or spouse.

Although the study didnt ask why they had fewer close ties, the Researchers believe that it could be a result of Americans are working more hours in a day, marrying later in life, having fewer children, and commuting longer distances. Interestingly enough, the study also found that Non-whites and people with less education tend to have smaller social networks than white Americans and the highly educated.

I first learned about this study while listening to one of my favorite radio talk show hosts, Dennis Praeger, on his Happiness hour he has on every Friday. He was discussing how he believes that because less people are interacting with each other the less happy we are as a society. Then he asked if there was anyone listening disagree with him. One particular caller called and said, I dont need anyone but God.

While I agree with his sentiments, my first thought was yeah I have God to get me through everyday life and I trust him completely, but then again the Lord Created humans for a reason...companionship. Then Dennis, of the Jewish Faith, began to say that he had a Christian Pastor Friend tell him once that when the Lord Created man it was God who said it is not good for man to be alone. Now why would the God of the universe who on a daily basis walked and communed with Adam say that? It is because God knew that humans need human contact with each other to communicate and interact.

I totally agree with this Pastor. I also had a Great College Professor, Lyle Larson, that made a similar remark in my Marriage and Family Statistics Class, God did not want us to go through life alone, That is why he created us for one another, why he created the Woman for the Man so we wouldnt have to go through this life alone.

Today many people live far away from family and the community in which they grew up. While I make an effort to meet new people all the time, I think that I am not the norm. Many people feel comfortable to stay in touch with a few people and not meet any more. I love meeting new people. I love making new Friends, I love catching up with people I havent talked to since the 2nd grade. I love talking to the elderly; they have so many great stories to tell.

Yesterday I took Maeze on a walk and an elderly lady was walking into her house. I said, Hi. I then asked how she was. She said, Fine thanks, and then complimented me on my watchdog. I said, Thank you! I kept walking cause It was hot and I was tired, and She looked like she wanted to talk more but I just walked on and said, have a great night. I regret that now, not connecting with my new neighbor who maybe her phone never rings but from telemarketers maybe she needed to connect with the outside world and Maybe I could have learned something from her and maybe made a new friend.

We have so much to offer one another; I wish people would stop from their busy lives and talk to their neighbors. Growing up I new all my neighbors, I have met several of our new neighbors and look forward to talking to them some more soon.
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Good thoughts! I have to agree: God said it best! We need Him, but we need other humans too. Over and over in the Bible, I read of how we need others to sharpen us and to help us discern things, and to grow in our faith. In Hebrews, it talks about not falling away from meeting with other believers. Even though almost every Sunday morning, I don't want to get up and drive to church, I am literally ALWAYS thankful in the end that I did go. It was good that you brought this topic up. I'd also heard of this survery, and it'd saddened me. Have a great day.

Posted by Ranny on Jun 28, 2006 1:18 PM

Ha! Great minds.. I didn't read your reply until after I posted mine.

Posted by M♥NDY on Aug 4, 2006 12:57 PM


Thanks for reminding us why we are here. I believe this is also why it was said that we shouldn't forsake the assembling of ourselves together - not so that we could warm benches at church every Sunday or Saturday or whatever day you may go - but to become a Community with like believers who will stand with you in LOVE. Most of us have lost site of our purpose as believers. Just as you said, God Himself said it isn't good for man to be alone. We are to come along side eachother and build eachother up, standing together come what may. If this is a new concept or maybe you just keep forgetting to live this way, like me, start with your own neighbors, grocery clerks, whomever you meet along life's road. I'm going to work on putting this to practice in my life. Friends sharpen friends.

Posted by M♥NDY on Aug 4, 2006 12:56 PM