About me

10/08/2016 Estreitta de Kluetz 0 Comments

Hello! My name is Estreitta (pronounced - ES-tray-ee-tah day Kleets). 

I am passionate about God, Praise & Worship, my husband Erik, food, traveling & all things vintage especially anything from the Mid-Century Modern Era. 

I have been madly in love and married to the man of my dreams Erik for 13 years. We met in Church on a Wednesday night service, and I always say His life was never the same again.

My faith in my Savior Jesus Christ is at the core of everything I say and do. I try my best to honor Him every aspect of my life. I choose to love as He does unconditionally, but I also will tell you the truth no matter what. 

I also own a successful Vintage resale business, Starlite Vintiqs and I am the CEO of a growing Marketing Consulting Business BLBD Media Group. Being a LIGHT in the midst of a dark world! My hope with this blog is to share with each other ways we can be LIGHT in this dark dark world.

I have been writing this blog for almost 10 years now and I enjoy sharing my life, thoughts, and relationship with Jesus with those I cross paths with. He's Called me to be a Bright Light in a big darkness. My name means little star in Spanish - The darker the night the brighter the stars shine!