Following your True Calling

just now as I was getting ready to go to bed and i flipped to The Big Idea on CNBC.  Typically this show talks to Millionnaires and how and what they did to make thier millions.  It's really inspiring show.

Any way they were talking about finding & following your True Calling in life... 

There was this guy named Tommy Decarlo (   that wrote a tribute song for Boston and posted it on myspace.  When he did that word got back to the group then they asked him to become the lead singer of the band and he's touring with them now.  Prior to being "discovered" He was working in Home Depot in their credit department.

you know it is amazing how people  have a dream and think never even in their wildest dreams would ever happen or become a reality.  and this guy is living his dream.

it's kinda ironic i have been dealing with this very issue this week.  Looking back at my life and being frustrated cause i haven't accomplished the things i know that God has given me a vision for.  The calling that will help advance the kingdom of God.  Everyday I hear stories of people sick, marriages falling apart, children getting pulled into some scary things.. the list goes on.

My dream is to minister and work with inner city youth in fulfilling their dreams and ministering to others.  I have felt this ever since i was 13.  I was at youth camp when God showed me some awesome things and i had a vision of urban youth in what looked like an area with urban decay and destruction. The young people and I were walking through the city singing and worshiping God.  I want to see that Come to Pass.

On the Big Idea they keep asking - What are you going to Do with your Dream? and What are you waiting for?

after watching this episode my frustration has turned into inspiration...

First I am going to Ask you to Pray with ME.  Pray for Divine Appointments, Connections and Revelation.

Next I am going to write my dreams down and share with others

Then I will seek counsel on how to fullfill and what steps or training i need to get it acomplished.

I don't want my dreams to die and I do want them to come to pass.

On the they posted this and I hope it inspires you!

The Million Dollar Voice: Your Ultimate Playbook

Brace yourself… today is the day that will change your life.  Everything's going to be different because you're going to stop being ordinary and start your journey to extraordinary.  Today is the day that you muster all the courage and strength in your gut to pursue your passion, achieve your destiny…live your American Dream. Here is today's playbook for success:


1 - When the most unlikely person in the world tells you that you have something special.. that's a time to perk up the ears and listen. Because your dream is calling.

2 - You may not be hearing your american dream calling... because you are scared to dream big enough. But sometimes that biggest dream imaginable is the one for you.

3 - If you see someone with greater potential than they're realizing, speak up!  we're all in the pursuit of the american dream someone else's million dollar voice and push them to reach their true calling.

4 - Sometimes when your American Dream is calling.. it's something you don't want to hear... But listen anyway. You could put yourself on the road to millions


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5/13/2008 Estreitta 1 Comments

1. Age at next birthday

I am turning 33!  

 2. A place to which you'd like to travel

I long for the day i can go to Australia

3. Your favorite place (local)

 It is this great little spot that I found that you can buy lots designer clothes up to 80% off. practically all the clothes i wear is from this place! :)

4. Your favorite objects


I love my pillow as soon as i hit the bed i fall asleep


We got a new leather couch a few months ago i absolutely love it!  and it is so very comfy

We got a new sony Vaio computer a few months ago i absolutely love it.  it's kewl...sleek..and it's mine!

5. Your favorite food

Blue Bell Ice Cream is the BEST!!! Butter Pecan and Rocky Road is awesome...I wish they had a low carb line....

Spumoni is awesome if you haven't tried it you are missing out

Greek food is the best! I could live off it!

Sangrias are my favorite wine beverage

Nothing beats a refreshing glass of club soda with a lime

6. Your favorite animals


7. Your favorite color


8. City where you were born

(in Bristol, PA)

9. Town where you live

10. Name of a past pet


11. First name of a past love


Jesus Christ is my first Love!!

12. Your best friend's name


(Mandy and i have been friends since we were 10

13. Your nickname

my mom to this day calls me this... she said when I was little i always wanted to fix my hair like princess leah.

14. Your first name

in spanish it means rainbow

in english it's a flower


15. Your middle name


16. Your last name


(kluetz crest)

17. Bad habit of yours

Eating junk food

18. First job


19. Grandmothers' names


(my mom's mom - we called her Mama')

(My Dad's Mom)

20. Your college major


with emphasis in