I’m Radiating

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Well today was my first Radiation Treatment. 

before I let you know how that went, I should get you up to speed on what has been going on since I last wrote.   I do want to warn you this this is very long and detailed cause A LOT has happened since I last wrote.

Well Erik and I met with Dr. Shide on Jan 5, the Radiation Oncologist I posted about previosly.   During my appointment she was VERY apprehensive about my surgery and prospective radiation treatment.  She really tried to convince us that getting a Mastectomy would have been a better form of treatment. and highe recommended that we recondsider.  She ranted fo about 45 minutes that because I only got a lumpectomy there was a greater percentage of the DCIS coming back and possibly being more agressive form of cancer. Then she said she would loose sleep over it if i didn't have a mastectomy. She even questioned Dr. Perry asking "how old she was"....

The entire time I kept thinking that there was just as much risk of me leaving the appointment and getting in a car accident.  There is risk with anything you do but making a decision based on fear doesn't get you anywhere. Fear can make you feel trapped and alone While Trusting in the Lord with Everything.... you find freedom, strength, and peace.  I am glad i don't live in fear!

So obviously after the appontment was over Erik and I decided we would find another doctor.  Dr. Perry, my surgeon, kind of warned us that some oncologist could be kinda like that.

Prior to my meeting with Dr Shide  I had scheduled a appointment with another oncologist Dr. Karen Neilsen Jan 14.

Karen L. Nielson, M.D. specializes in radiation oncology and is certified by the American Board of Radiology in radiation oncology.

Dr. Nielson's extensive background has included Chief of Staff (1994) and Vice Chief of Staff (1993) at Moncrief Radiation Center. She is currently Chairman of the Moncrief Medical Staff Peer Review Committee and has previously served as Chairman of the Moncrief Medical Staff Quality Management Committee, as Chairman of the Moncrief Infection Control & Safety Committee, as Medical Staff Representative, Moncrief Pediatric Protocol Committee, and as Medical Staff Representative, Moncrief Board of Directors' Quality Management Committee. In 1993, Dr. Nielson was the recipient of the Moncrief Radiation Center Quality Management Award. Her work has also included involvement in radiation and oncology research.

Memberships: American Society of Therapeutic Radiology & Oncology, Texas Medical Association, and Tarrant County Medical Society.

Education: Medical degree in 1984 from Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas; transitional internship at St. Mary's Hospital and Medical Center in San Francisco, California 1984-1985; residency in radiation oncology at Stanford University Hospital 1985-1988.

When we met with Dr. Neilson the experience what 360 degrees different than the one we had with the other Radiation Oncologist.  She was very soft spoken and kinda reminded me of my 5 Grade teacher Mrs. Menedez.  She explained everything clearly and used charts and graphs to discuss the risks but also said that with the other patients she treated similar to me she has never seen a reoccurance. (PRAISE GOD)  She even gave us the book I posted that I am currently reading.  It is a great descriptive and informative book.

After the meeting with Dr. Neilson, I was scheduled for a CAT Scan.  I had a Cat scan last year when I was having some bad headaches s it was kinda familiar.

You know I have to say out of all the different "tables" I have been on none of them are comfortable.  Someone really shoulr design these with some padding and contour to the human body not all these hard surfaces.  anyway I digress

so today I began the first of 6 weeks of treatments.

The preparation for the treatment took longer than the actual treatment.  It took about a half an hour of them writing on me with a permanent marker.  While I was lying there with my arms propped above my head in the arm stirrups and them marking me up i was starring at the ceiling and I noticed these embossed leaves, i thought i bet they only put these up there because all the people who lay here need something to look at.  They continued to measure me and adjust the hard table i was laying on then they finally said that they would begin the treatment.  She said I wouldn't feel anythng but if i did to let them know.

To the right of me there were signs that would periodically light up they read READY and BEAM ON.  It literally took only like 3 minutes then they came back into the room nd said your all done but we have to take some measurements and picutres for documentation purposes.

They then helped me off the table and My shoulder and arm felt s sore and achey (It has been really wet and cold out,  I think I will start taking Glucosamine and Collagen Dr. Neilsen said it would be ok)

So let the next adventure begin.  I will let you know how it goes.

Incase you wanted to know more about my treatments here is a good description.

Radiation Therapy

When localized DCIS (lesion that appears in one limited place) has been detected on a mammogram or by physical exam, breast-conserving surgery in which the breast is not removed may be followed by radiation therapy as adjuvant treatment. There is a decrease in local recurrence of DCIS in women who receive radiation following surgery.


Indications for radiation following breast-conserving surgery
Radiation should be included following breast-conserving surgery if the DCIS has a high-grade histology, close margins, or is more than about 5/8 of an inch in size. (mine was 11 MM)

What is radiation therapy?
The purpose of radiation is to destroy any potential remaining DCIS that might still be in the breast. Radiation therapy is treatment with high-energy rays, and is given five days a week for a period of five to seven weeks.

Treatment is given on an outpatient basis. The radiation treatment itself takes several minutes. Patients are instructed to lie on a treatment table under the radiation machine. They are monitored during treatment by a therapist in the next room who uses a closed-circuit camera. Nothing touches the skin and there is no discomfort from the treatment. Patients are not made radioactive and the treatment only affects the specific area being treated.

Side-effects of treatment may include:

  • A sunburn-type appearance of the skin in the area treated, which may include blistering (ask your doctor what skin creams and care you can do during radiation)

  • Mild swelling of the affected area

  • Fatigue

  • Loss of appetite

These common side effects generally occur toward the middle of treatment and continue for a short time after completion of the course of radiation treatment. Radiation skin changes may persist for months after treatment completion: change in skin color, texture and sensation.  


Malachi 4:2 (The Message)

The Message (MSG)

Copyright © 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2001, 2002 by Eugene H. Peterson

.. ..

Malachi 4

The Sun of Righteousness Will Dawn
2 " But for you, sunrise! The sun of righteousness will dawn on those who honor my name, healing radiating from its wings. You will be bursting with energy..."


Radiate by Telecast

Jesus it's a beautiful day
I'm so deep in your mercy, I could swim in your grace
Lord the only thing I want to say
Radiate in me

I'm falling in love with you
I'm falling in love with you
Jesus I want nothing more
Than to radiate your love oh Lord
I'm falling in love with you
So radiate in me

Jesus radiate in me today
Let me be a light for you
In a world that seems so grey
Lord I offer up this song of praise
So radiate in me


My Motivational Gifts

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I just took a quiz on my Motivational Gifts.  It was pretty interesting.

Below are my results.

To take the Motivational Gift Test please visit: http://www.gifttest.org/

..> ..>
  The Perceiver:   90%
  The Server:   60%
  The Teacher:   55%
  The Encourager:   100%
  The Giver:   70%
  The Ruler:   95%
  Showing Mercy:   80%



People often have a combination of two or three gifts that makes them unique. This would be shown by the top two or three percentages in your profile. There is a possible 100% for each gift.

For your convenience, the following are definitions of the seven gifts and the behaviors of each gift seen in scripture. We also provide the Greek root word for each gift (used in Romans 12) to give a better understanding of the essence of each gift:

The first motivational gift in Romans 12 is the gift of perceiving. The Greek word for this gift is "propheteia". In scripture, we can see specific traits and behaviors of the gift of perceiving. They are: 1) the ability to interpret scripture, 2) to reveal information to others, and 3) an ability to speak the mind of God.

Perceivers have a keen sense of right and wrong. This is a form of discernment that we have seen in Christians and non-Christians alike. It is because of this sense of right and wrong that perceivers hold very high standards. They tend to be perfectionists because of their high standards and often become their own worst critics. In some cases, perceivers do not realize their gift and they can become very critical of other people or situations, which emerges as a pessimistic attitude.

The primary function of this gift is to reveal information the perceiver has discerned in a way that will help others. This information is not always positive and well received. As a result, perceivers sometimes appear direct, blunt, or inconsiderate of the feelings of others particularly when sharing this information with people possessing different motivational gifts. This is a classic case of the gift being misunderstood because their real intention is to help people.

In contrast, at times the primary function of the gift is not to reveal the information the perceiver has discerned – in these cases, God has allowed the perceiver to discern such things so they can pray about them. Often when people do not understand the purpose of this gift, they can feel (and become) judgmental instead of prayerful. Make no mistake about it, this information is purposefully shown to the perceiver for a reason!

The second motivational gift is the gift of service. The Greek word for service is "diakonia". Throughout the New Testament scriptures there are three specific behaviors or traits demonstrated. They are: 1) providing for the physical, material, or spiritual needs of people 2) taking care of the less fortunate in society such as the poor or the widowed and 3) helping in the distribution or collection of food, clothing, etc. to give to those in need.

Servers have an extraordinary ability to recognize tasks that need to be done. They are very cognizant of their surroundings. Perhaps this comes from their need to provide for others as seen in scripture. Servers are the first to lend a hand. Often they work in the background providing services that others will never see. Servers show their loyalty through action rather than words.

What motivates a server is helping someone else. Because servers have a tendency to prefer jobs in support roles, they are not usually in the forefront or public eye. They prefer to accomplish their tasks without an audience and therefore, their personalities tend to be more quiet and reserved. Unfortunately, some people interpret the reserved nature of a server and the desire to work behind the scenes as being uninterested. This couldn't be further from the truth! Servers see the needs "behind the scenes," as essential to making things work on the "front lines."

The third motivational gift in Romans 12 is the gift of teaching. The Greek root word for teaching is "didaskalia". The scriptures illustrate how one with the gift of teaching uses sound, rational, and instructive reasoning to convince and help others to learn.

People with the gift of teaching are consummate debaters. It is how they convince and help others to learn. It doesn't matter if they are in the office or at home, people with the gift of teaching are constantly thinking on their feet. Teachers need to know the reasoning behind concepts or ideas. They do not take anything at face value. Teachers can appear argumentative while they are simply trying to gain further understanding. They have the ability to synthesize ideas, which results in a constant mental flow of information. Teachers are those who need to carry pocket size tape recorders so they can record their ideas throughout the day. Their mind is always running and is filled with new ideas.

People with the gift of teaching need intellectual stimulation. They easily get bored with routine tasks. Teachers love to learn and keep their minds busy. They usually enjoy research and love the opportunity to share something they have learned.

The Greek root word for encouraging is "paraklesis". The scriptures show that the gift of encouragement will 1) edify and exhort 2) give peace to a troubled mind through speaking a message of encouragement and 3) bring joy and comfort.

Encouragers have the ability to call forth the best in others through encouragement and motivation. Thus naturally, people with the gift of encouragement feel comfortable around people and tend to have extraverted personalities. Anecdotal research shows that encouragers not only encourage others but also like to prescribe practical advice. Encouragers want to see people improve and succeed. They have an ability to bring new life to people who have lost their determination and feel burnt out.

Encouragers are good with every personality and gift. However, because encouragers are considerate of the feelings of others, they can easily be offended when people are not considerate toward them. Encouragers love to "fix" things and make the world a happier place!

The Greek root word for giving is "metadidomi" meaning to impart. The New Testament scriptures show that giving is characterized by: 1) being charitable or having a charitable attitude 2) giving much out of little 3) specifically contributing to the less fortunate and 4) giving of one's excess or bounty to those who have nothing.

Income is not the only way to determine whether someone has the gift of giving. Givers also donate their time through volunteer work or helping others in some way. They are characterized by hospitality. Givers are people who love to host and entertain. Perhaps the easiest way to identify a giver is their generous and charitable attitude. In an organization, givers are excellent people to place in hospitality roles. This generous attitude extends to making personal sacrifices of time and self. Givers will also make wonderful customer service representatives because they enjoy taking care of needs often going above and beyond to satisfy a customer. When the patience and generosity of others has run out, the true giver will continue to be gracious.

The sixth gift in Romans 12 is the gift of ruling. The Greek root word for leader is "proistemi," which translates "rule". The scriptures illustrate how a ruler will: 1) set good examples 2) provide sound counsel 3) give admonition and warning to the people of dangers they are headed toward 4) reprove for negligence and 5) rule with love versus rigor.

The behaviors of a ruler are similar to behaviors of the other six motivational gifts, which make this gift harder to identify. The difference is in the motivation. The objective of the ruler is to move everyone toward the common goal. Like the perceiver, the ruler will give admonition and warning of upcoming situations. Like the teacher, a ruler will provide sound counsel and instructive reasoning to convince the people of the common goal.

What makes the gift of ruling unique is the ability to see the "big picture". The ruler is intuitive, which enables the ruler to look ahead for possibilities and dangers. The ability to guide people and communicate to them regarding how to develop the "big picture" gives the ruler an assertive, take-charge attitude. So, naturally, rulers can appear bossy to other people who do not understand the ruler's gift.

The Greek word for mercy is "eleeo". In the New Testament, those with the gift of mercy are: 1) compelled to have compassion for people, 2) help people in misery, and 3) pity the ignorant and instruct them.

People gifted with mercy are the first to listen and sympathize when someone is suffering. They feel that sympathizing with others is a valuable use of their time. This gift is concerned with the condition of the person who is suffering or in trouble. Often people with this gift have a strong desire to relieve the pain of others. This is why people with the gift of mercy are usually effective in roles that require compassion, such as physical therapists, social workers, counselors, or where they can listen to the problems of others, such as human resources where employee concerns are addressed.

It is this ability to show compassion and mercy that enables the person with this gift to demonstrate a large amount of patience. They are less likely to become frustrated when people repeatedly come to them with problems unlike those gifted in the other areas.


I’m Celebrating!

1/05/2008 Estreitta 1 Comments

I am celebrating because God is SO Good and Well it seems to be that the draining has come to an end. YEAH!!!!!!!

The swelling is virtually all gone and the draining has been minimal for the past 4 days.  PRAISE THE LORD FOR HE IS GOOD!  I am so appreciative of your prayers, although this has been a challenging process both physically and emotionally my Faith and Trust in the Lord has grown tremendously.

While Some days my attitude is better than others... I seriously don't know how I could have gone through all of this without Jesus in my Life.  He has been my contstant life coach and encourager even when I felt so drained.  I know that i still have some thing ahead of me to get through first the radiation then the reconstruction surgery some time next fall.  And Jesus will be my rock and strength through this next phase. 

I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband,  Seriously ya'll Erik has taken the vow "through sickness and health" to the next level.   He has been so supportive in so many ways.  He has been an enormous blessing to me!

We had a great Christmas with Mom & Billy.  We had a catering company make our Christmas dinner and it was fabulous.  It really made things so easy we didn't have worry about the cooking.  It was STRESS Free!!! 

Erik and I have gotten started on some projects around the house.  We went shopping with our Christmas Giftcards and money we got as gifts and hopefully by springtime we will have a home that feels more like us.  Slowly but surely things are coming together and we are looking forward to What God has in store for us this Next Year.

God is so good to us and We are so very Thankful for all the family and friends we have. 

We hope that you had a Great Christmas and that you have Wonderful and SAFE New Year!



Celebrate (He Lives) - Fred Hammond

I know He lives (woah)
I believe He lives (ooh)
I'm sure He lives (woah)
I'm sure He lives
(How y'all doin' today)
I know He lives (the Savior lives)
The Savior lives (ooh, oh)

It's time to celebrate the Savior and His worth
Let's shout because we know He lives and we are certain
His love has set us free, our enemies defeated
If with me you agree, come on and lift up your hands

Everybody lift your hands if you know that Jesus is worthy
Open up and give Him praise, let's do it in a hurry
If you love Him, let's glorify in the song and in the dance
You know the Savior lives come on and lift up your hands

To understand just why we praise let me tell you how it all went down
The news spread so very fast, people came from miles around
This would be the day Christ would be crucified
He took His last breath, He hung His head and He died
They took my Savior down from off that rugged cross
They laid Him in a tomb, it seemed all hope was truly lost
But the third day came along and brought the rhythm of life
The stone was rolled away, an angel proudly proclaimed

He lives (He lives) He lives
(Christ is risen) Christ is risen just like He said
(Our Lord and Savior) The Lord and Savior's no longer dead
Rejoice and celebrate, He lives, He lives, Jesus, He's alive

[chorus 2x]

[bridge 3x]