I’m Celebrating!

1/05/2008 Estreitta 1 Comments

I am celebrating because God is SO Good and Well it seems to be that the draining has come to an end. YEAH!!!!!!!

The swelling is virtually all gone and the draining has been minimal for the past 4 days.  PRAISE THE LORD FOR HE IS GOOD!  I am so appreciative of your prayers, although this has been a challenging process both physically and emotionally my Faith and Trust in the Lord has grown tremendously.

While Some days my attitude is better than others... I seriously don't know how I could have gone through all of this without Jesus in my Life.  He has been my contstant life coach and encourager even when I felt so drained.  I know that i still have some thing ahead of me to get through first the radiation then the reconstruction surgery some time next fall.  And Jesus will be my rock and strength through this next phase. 

I am so blessed to have such an amazing husband,  Seriously ya'll Erik has taken the vow "through sickness and health" to the next level.   He has been so supportive in so many ways.  He has been an enormous blessing to me!

We had a great Christmas with Mom & Billy.  We had a catering company make our Christmas dinner and it was fabulous.  It really made things so easy we didn't have worry about the cooking.  It was STRESS Free!!! 

Erik and I have gotten started on some projects around the house.  We went shopping with our Christmas Giftcards and money we got as gifts and hopefully by springtime we will have a home that feels more like us.  Slowly but surely things are coming together and we are looking forward to What God has in store for us this Next Year.

God is so good to us and We are so very Thankful for all the family and friends we have. 

We hope that you had a Great Christmas and that you have Wonderful and SAFE New Year!



Celebrate (He Lives) - Fred Hammond

I know He lives (woah)
I believe He lives (ooh)
I'm sure He lives (woah)
I'm sure He lives
(How y'all doin' today)
I know He lives (the Savior lives)
The Savior lives (ooh, oh)

It's time to celebrate the Savior and His worth
Let's shout because we know He lives and we are certain
His love has set us free, our enemies defeated
If with me you agree, come on and lift up your hands

Everybody lift your hands if you know that Jesus is worthy
Open up and give Him praise, let's do it in a hurry
If you love Him, let's glorify in the song and in the dance
You know the Savior lives come on and lift up your hands

To understand just why we praise let me tell you how it all went down
The news spread so very fast, people came from miles around
This would be the day Christ would be crucified
He took His last breath, He hung His head and He died
They took my Savior down from off that rugged cross
They laid Him in a tomb, it seemed all hope was truly lost
But the third day came along and brought the rhythm of life
The stone was rolled away, an angel proudly proclaimed

He lives (He lives) He lives
(Christ is risen) Christ is risen just like He said
(Our Lord and Savior) The Lord and Savior's no longer dead
Rejoice and celebrate, He lives, He lives, Jesus, He's alive

[chorus 2x]

[bridge 3x]


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  1. MySpace Comments:

    Oh, yeah!! God IS so good! I'm so glad the draining has slowed/stopped and the swelling is going away too! Thank you, Jesus!! :) YAY! Happy New Year, and thanks for sharing your faith and your experience with all of us. You've blessed many in this trial! HUGS.

    Posted by Ranny on Sunday, December 30, 2007 - 9:18 PM

    I am so happy that things are finally getting better. I am sure you were totally stressed out even if you don't like to give that impression off. Erik is a cool husband. When a guy randomly makes you dinner without asking...he is a winner in my book.

    Posted by Ray-Chill on Monday, January 07, 2008 - 3:21 PM

    It took me way to long to finally get over to your space and read such great news. PTL!!
    Huggin' you if i could.

    Posted by Emily Kay on Tuesday, January 08, 2008 - 1:49 PM