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I speak blessings over my nation the United States of America. 

The country in which I was born, was raised and I have a deep burden for.  

Many are called to the nations but this is the nation I am called to. I will speak life & destiny & share the Love of God With all of those I meet.

 I am grateful that this country was a country that opened its arms to my & my husbands forefathers & foremothers that immigrated to the United States with little to no means to create their own American Dream.

God I ask that you pour out your sprit I on all that dwell her. Reveal your purpose and plan.

Raise up more innercessors that will pray blessings over our country, pray for our leaders and our President. Those that will pray for breakthru, revival & and healing to our land. 

Raise up more worshippers that will sing your praises and worship your majesty that will bring your presence to destroy the tactics of the enemy. Let the fragrance of your presence thru worship permeate the churches in America that those who call on your name will repent and unite as the body of Christ. Lord make it so that your anointing will flow in the live's of every true Christ follower an that we would lives that are holy and acceptable to you that will be a testimony to those that do not now you and that they will repent, turn from ungodliness and live a life wholly and acceptabl to you!

Raise up more prophets to prophesy this nations destiny. They will speak life & truth that will lead o the setting free of the captives,  bring healing and revival to thi this nation.

God I ask for forgiveness on behalf of my country. I repent for the wickedness and selfishness that permeates through our society.  I ask that you remove the cultural  blight that has swept across this nation. I ask that you would heal this country and its people Lord. Only you can do what needs to be done! In Jesus Name I pray!

God Bless America, 
Land that I love. 
Stand beside her, and guide her 
Thru the night with a light from above. 
From the mountains, to the prairies, 
To the oceans, white with foam 
God bless America, My home sweet home.


What a Day...

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What a Day....

 It's been a very crazy day and as I think all that has transpired I am dealing with a lot of racing thoughts & feelings.  

If you did not see my status updates earlier today my purse got stolen. Here's a run down of what happened.

As I entered the Mid-Cities Antique Mall and made my way to my original Starlite Vintiqs booth to clean up some loose ends from the move I made the day before to my new more prominent space in the mall, I saw a full-figured Dark-skinned African American woman.  Little did I know that this woman would do something to define this day for me. As I approached her I looked directly in her eyes and said "Hello, how are you doing today", she said, "Good thank you."  She had a kind smile and I went on with the tasks at hand.  

Hope, My Personal Assistant, was with me to help me organize & reset my old booth space.  I started to pick up some of the remaining fixtures. Then turned my back and went to go get something when I came back I noticed that my purse was gone! 

I have had a booth in this mall for almost 2 years and have had my purse in a cart on numerous occasions like I did today walked around the corner with no problems before.  I had intended to bring my purse to the register like I typically do, but got distracted with all the stuff I had to do when I arrived.

then I immediately went to the front to tell the store manager then we all started looking throughout the mall to see if some one moved it. But it was no where to be found. 

Thankfully the mall has security cameras everywhere so be backed up the video and it captured the culprit on camera at 1:34-1:36 as she put my purse in their bag then made a B-Line for the Door. This is her pictured below:

Then I remembered my iPhone had the Find My Phone App turned on and pulled it up as I called the police to report the crime. I let the 911 Officer know wher the phone was pinging at down the street a few miles away.  The 911 officers started they would send an officer to me...

The events after that kinda all run in slow motion for me.  I then called the gas station where the suspect was pinging on my phone to see if the bought has there. Then a police officer Moralez entered the gas station to look for the suspect and the manager told them they were talking to me and handed me the phone to them.  I told that officer where it was pinging and they told me to call them to their cell if they moved locations.  The phone stayed there the entire time. Then Officer T Brown came into the mall to take may statement & watch the surveillance video as well as see where the phone was located. Then Officer Milchew came in to see if it was the same person that matched the description of the suspect and it was not. 

Then officer Milchew asked if I was "the one who was violated" and I confirmed.  He then said he would go back over there to see if my purse was in the area. And would let me know if they found it.  

I just started praying. I prayed for conviction coming to then and I pray that Jesus would encounter them in a real & powerful way.   I wanted to wait to see, hoping that they would find my purse in the trash before making any calls.  

So after about 20 minutes I called my husband to let him know what happened then started calling my bank & credit cards.  Then as I was on the phone with Wells Fargo, Officer Milchew was walking in and asked me to enter my data on his phone so he could located more accurately with an Apple a Product. Then he left again.

Then maybe 30 min later office Milchew came walking in again with my phone in his hand!

I was so elated! He said they found my phone. One less thing to worry about. But he said he found my phone in the trash but didn't find my purse.  I was still grateful but sad no luck with my purse.  So by this point it was about 3pm and I then called Capital One & then Discover to report the theft.  Then my Wells Fargo Business Account. 

By the time I was finished with the calls she made purchases at 

Shell, Walmart, Walgreens, Starbucks @ spent about $150 with my business account &  credit cards.  Thankfully my credit cards are almost maxed out so there wasn't hardly any credit for them to buy stuff. But the inconvenience and the whole ordeal has taught me a lot about how depraved some people are that they have the audacity to steal from someone else. 

To this woman who violated me by stealing from my purse:   if you didn't have money for groceries and needed food i would have helped you if you asked.  I may have even gone to the grocery store with you to buy the essentials, if you needed gas I would have pumped it for you and paid, if you would have just asked.  If you wanted to go to Starbucks for a treat I would have taken you just would have taken a moment.  My purse didn't have much but it was mine not yours to take. You used my credit cards to pay for items you wanted, but they weren't yours to take. Regardless of all that you have taken from me...  I forgive you.  I Pray for you. 

You may have stolen my money, my time, my energy & my purse but you will not anything more from me. you will not steal my peace & hope that I have in Jesus. I Know that whatever you have stolen from me My God whom I Serve says in his word that what ever was stolen from me he will not only give me 100 fold of what you stole from me but he will also bring about justice on my behalf.  What that looks like isn't for me to decide but I pray that the Lord will use this event today to bring about his Glory in both of our lives. because as he said in his word what ever the enemy meant for evil He will turn it around for his glory. And he is faithful to complete what he has promised in his word.

Update 7/9/2015: 

Here is the Interview on #NBCDFW video from the 4pm Broadcast

Here's A Video from the 4pm News Broadcast, it will also air at 5pm & 6pm on NBC DFW #iguessimacrimefighter
Posted by Starlite Vintiqs on Thursday, July 9, 2015


The Key to Looking Young...

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It is bittersweet celebrating my birthday on Sunday, June 21st.  I am not remotely ready to claim the 4th decade of my life, so as long as i look it i will continue to celebrate the anniversary of my 35th birthday!

Several years ago, I was talking to my very good friend Robert Coello​ who at the time had recently had a major birthday.  He is of Honduran descent like me, so we were talking about how our Hispanic genes could play a factor in keeping us looking young.. but he also said something else that has stayed with me.


He said what he believes, besides living a healthy lifestyle of eating right & exercising,  The key to looking and staying young is worshiping, seeking and pursuing God's presence continually.  He talked about how he had seen some friends that were the same age as him and they were amazed at how young he still looked. He said he hadn't really thought about it before but when he analyzed the differences in their lives versus his and others that were about the same age as him that looked young still he realized it was God's Presence. He said that its a by bi-product of being a worshiper.  He said he really thinks that being  a worshiper not only rejuvenates your spirit and soul but the physical manifestation of God's presence also has an outward effect on us all.

I love God's presence. I am not the type of person that is satisfied with just 15-20 minutes of worship. If I could worship Jesus 24-7 in the prayer room at IHOP or Bethel I would love to do that... but since that isn't possible for me to do.  So I just worship Jesus through out my day in the shower, in the car, doing errands, before i  go to bed in my Spirit through out the day. Over the course of my life I have been blessed to attend several worshiping churches as well as been a part of the  worship ministries, which i know has been a factor. I am also blessed to attend a Church called the Upper Room Dallas that doesn't sacrifice God's presence for anything.  This is a non-negotiable for them and for me and Erik!

So maybe that is why i look younger than i am and also why i dont feel as old as i am its because of Gods Presence...

As I reflect over the past 39 years on this earth, I am ever so grateful for the Lord's hand on my life from the time I was conceived to this day, and the many years ahead of me.  While my hair styles, colors, interests, dreams, friendships and eyebrow thickness have changed the One remaining constant that will never change even after I leave this earth is my no-compromise  pursuit of God's Presence.


I Need your Help

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I am not sure if you are aware that I started a Vintage resale business in October 2013 called Starlite Vintiqs. We have two locations one in Hurst, Texas and the most recent addition in Arlington, Texas both are inside local antique malls.  It's been a fun and rewarding experience and Erik and I have met so many interesting people and have made several great friends along the way.

On Sunday, I entered the Wells Fargo Works Project contest for Starlite Vintiqs.  Monday my entry was accepted. If I win my company will receive $25K and an industry mentor to help me grow and expand my business.  I wrote an essay of 600 Words about my business and what I would do with the money if I receive it, then was asked to upload a Picture that best displays my business. 

Here is an excerpt of the essay:

It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to be a reseller of antique and vintage items. I have had a deep appreciation and love for those things since I was a little girl. On the weekends, my parents would cart me and my little brother around to flea markets and antique malls all over Texas. Mesmerized by the menagerie of antiques I saw, my love for historical items came alive.  
With my husband’s help in June 2013, we decided to open a vintage resale business named Starlite Vintiqs. My first booth opened in October 2013 inside a local antique mall in Hurst, Texas. My primary mission is to provide unique, vintage items from the 40’s – 60’s at an affordable cost. I believe everyone, regardless of financial status, who has an appreciation for antiques should have the opportunity to purchase them.

You can read the full essay about Starlite Vintiqs on the Wells Fargo View Entries Site at http://j.mp/WFWSV7244 

One of the main elements of the contest is also getting people to Vote for my Entry.  Your Vote will add points to my overall score once the Judges have reviewed and scored my entry.  If you could take a moment and vote for me,  I would greatly appreciate it! You can access the site by clicking this link: http://j.mp/WFWSV7244 

I would also like to note that a person may vote once per Entry per day through 07/19/15, so if you can vote daily that would be AWESOME!  Also If you want to pass this message along to others please do. 

I am really excited about this opportunity and would be immensely grateful for your help.

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Remembering John Paul Jackson

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Remembering John Paul Jackson

Growing up my BFF, Mandy Burns-Crum, and I would always talk about our night dreams. We knew that God could speak to us through our dreams. We would spend hours talking about them and wondering what the meant and what the Lord could have been saying to us through them.  We began to write them down, praying about it and asking the Lord and our Youth a Pastors for Wisdom in interpreting them.  

At an early age God used dreams in both of us to speak direction and also warn us of things to come for our lives, family, and friends.  As we got older Mandy started researching it more in depth and told me about John Paul Jackson. She explained to me how the Lord taught him about biblical dream interpretation and how to reveal the Lord in non-believers lives through interpreting dreams.

 We would try to find out as much as we could about Biblical Dream Interpretation to help us in our endeavors to navigate and interpret our our own dreams.  People also would come to us asking us to help us interpret their dreams too.  We did the best that we could with the knowledge we had.  

Then in late 2006, we learned about a class that was being taught at Jack Deere's church by someone who learned under John Paul Jackson.  We were so excited.  We learned a lot about how the Lord uses symbols to speak to us and how some dream literally & others dream symbolically.  It was so eye opening.   I wrote some blog posts here, here and here from what we learned in the class.

Little did I know at the time that I would be applying for a Job shortly after that and I'd be working for John Paul Jackson & Streams Ministries. I interviewed and got the job and became a part of the Stream Ministries Family.

When I was on staff at Streams, every morning we would worship, pray what was in our hearts to pray for going on in our nation and the world. There was about 8 of us. John Paul would share with us the things the Lord had taught him over the years of ministry as well as things he was sensing prophetically for our nation. We talked a lot about the Perfect Storm and seeing that prophecy unfolding before our eyes.  I have pages and pages of notes of those awesome nugget one liners from John Paul that just spoke truth in the things going on in and around the world & the church at large.   

He was a such great leader.  I so loved his leadership style. He let us explore ideas and implement them.  I know John Paul loved to see us flourish in our gifting. He never micromanaged us but gave us clear boundaries & deadlines to get things done.  He was always so encouraging and complimentary of everything I did. 

John Paul gave me one of the best compliments I have ever received, he said, "Estreitta, I am astounded by your ability to grasp things so quickly. It usually takes most people 6 - 8 months to get up to speed to learn a new Job but You are not like most people, you've done it in 2 months! I've never seen anything like it!"

I loved my Job there and it's kewl to see how the work I did there helped advance the kingdom of God.  I was the media marketing coordinator and one of my responsibilities was helping get the word out about John Paul's books, teaching, speaking engagements.  I helped get all his social media off the ground and he began posting & tweeting on a regular basis.  He loved posting & tweeting. and was amazed about the reach and impact Social Media had in our culture.  He loved how it could be used to share the Wisdom the Lord showed him to the world in an instant. In the year I was there, I think the social media reach surpassed all our expectations, the impact & response of so many by connecting him to the World.  

One of My favorite projects I did was when all the teachers from around the world for Streams Ministries came into town, John Paul asked that I teach the class (about 100 people) how to use Social media to advance the kingdom and to promote the Understanding Dreams & Visions Classes and more.  

I was so honored at the opportunity to do so.  Then at the end of the conference he asked us, those on staff members to pray for all the teachers. I felt so honored that he trusted me to do so especially the fact that many of these people were seasoned believers and were way more anointed than me.  

It was a powerful night.  the Lord used me to speak life over them and agree with their destinies God had for ordained for them.

I would say that was probably #1 on my list of things I will never forget! And I am so very grateful for the opportunity to had worked and served in his ministry.

It is hard to believe John Paul Jackson is no longer here with us sharing his immense wisdom & knowledge about the revelations God has shown him. Yet I know that he is loving being in The Fullness of & the Awe of Gods presence.

Last night I was at the United Cry Banquet for #DC16 and Will Ford closed the evening with prayer, but before he closed he shared how the ones that have gone before us people like John Paul Jackson led the way and taught us how to pursue the heart of God.

John Paul Jackson will be greatly missed by many and the ripples of his ministry have impacted and changed the lives of many! Me being one of them!

From the Streams Ministry Website:

The public memorial service for John Paul Jackson will be held Monday, March 9thfrom 10 am until Noon at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas.
Gateway Church
700 Blessed Way
Southlake, Texas 76092

In lieu of flowers, your gift may be sent to the family.
Please make checks payable to John Paul Jackson Memorial Fund and send them to;

CO/ Streams Ministries
1420 Lakeside Pkwy, Ste 100
Flower Mound, TX 75028


I'm a #ClockWatcher

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Sometimes I wonder if it's just me that I see 12:12, 11:11, 10:10 & 7:11 at random #allthetime #clockwatcher

Then today I was looking though my pictures in my photostream & saw all the screenshots I took over the past few months. 

See, I try to take a pic when I see them to record & remind me that I actually saw it. I just happen to pick my phone up to check my email or something trivial & there it is A Reminder of the Lord's Promises to me. 

I also see them on other clocks too, but don't always have enough time to take a pic b4 it changes.  

I believe God can speak to us in so many ways: directly in a clear audible voice, in visions & dreams, & I also believe in prophetic symbols like this.  It's one thing for it to happen once or twice but as you can see it happens to me on a weekly basis! It's amazing how the Lord Speaks to us & Loves to remind us of his Promises & Destinies for our lives!

When I see these times I am reminded of the following scriptures:

Hebrews 11:11

Romans 12:12

Romans 10:10

If you aren't aware, I have been trying to conceive for the past 12 years.  We started to pursue fertility treatments, but I didn't have a peace about it. I felt like I was not trusting the Lord with bringing it to pass.  And Adoption has always been in my heart, but a series of events family health issues, a roof leak & then my waiting for the hubby finding time to repair took to long which prevented us from going forward with adopting at this time. I kinda gave up and tried not to think about it any more cause it just made me sad and depressed...

It's hard when you are the only one of your married (and not married) friends to not have kids. while they seem to pop them out like rabbits... They then have birthday parties for their kids and then you are the only friend not invited.  It's hard when you see the most adorable pictures & videos of their babies & kids on Facebook & Instagram. It's challenging when you go through walmart and hear a mom yell at her kids that they are gonna get it when they get home when all you want to do is love a child of your very own. I try not to think about it too much cause it's really not good for me!

Then in November 2014, I just laid all my dreams of being a parent before the Lord and said God you need to either fix what's preventing me from getting pregnant or take away this desire to conceive and birth a biological child that is an expression of me & my husband's love for each other.

Then I asked the Lord, in a desperate attempt for a sign, "if it's still possible for me to conceive and carry a child I need you to bring my period." I hadn't had my cycle since Feb 2014.  Which is pretty normal for women who have been diagnosed with PCOS (poly cystic ovarian syndrome). And I'm in the last few months before the 5th anniversary of my 35th Birthday so I know the biological clock is ticking away!

I seriously thought my faith was smaller than the size of a mustard seed, but I prayed it once and forgot about it.  Then TWO DAYS LATER, it appeared in full effect for 8 painful days! ;)

It was a bonafide miracle. I don't think I have ever received and answer to prayer that quickly!!!!!! I now have had a renewed faith for the Lord to open my womb to conceive.

These clock times serve as a reminder to me that God is still there & he is fully able to fulfill his promises to me no matter what.

Thank you Lord for repeatedly moving in ways in my life that are beyond what I even can comprehend. You are so faithful and your Timing is perfect.