The Key to Looking Young...

6/19/2015 Estreitta 0 Comments

It is bittersweet celebrating my birthday on Sunday, June 21st.  I am not remotely ready to claim the 4th decade of my life, so as long as i look it i will continue to celebrate the anniversary of my 35th birthday!

Several years ago, I was talking to my very good friend Robert Coello​ who at the time had recently had a major birthday.  He is of Honduran descent like me, so we were talking about how our Hispanic genes could play a factor in keeping us looking young.. but he also said something else that has stayed with me.


He said what he believes, besides living a healthy lifestyle of eating right & exercising,  The key to looking and staying young is worshiping, seeking and pursuing God's presence continually.  He talked about how he had seen some friends that were the same age as him and they were amazed at how young he still looked. He said he hadn't really thought about it before but when he analyzed the differences in their lives versus his and others that were about the same age as him that looked young still he realized it was God's Presence. He said that its a by bi-product of being a worshiper.  He said he really thinks that being  a worshiper not only rejuvenates your spirit and soul but the physical manifestation of God's presence also has an outward effect on us all.

I love God's presence. I am not the type of person that is satisfied with just 15-20 minutes of worship. If I could worship Jesus 24-7 in the prayer room at IHOP or Bethel I would love to do that... but since that isn't possible for me to do.  So I just worship Jesus through out my day in the shower, in the car, doing errands, before i  go to bed in my Spirit through out the day. Over the course of my life I have been blessed to attend several worshiping churches as well as been a part of the  worship ministries, which i know has been a factor. I am also blessed to attend a Church called the Upper Room Dallas that doesn't sacrifice God's presence for anything.  This is a non-negotiable for them and for me and Erik!

So maybe that is why i look younger than i am and also why i dont feel as old as i am its because of Gods Presence...

As I reflect over the past 39 years on this earth, I am ever so grateful for the Lord's hand on my life from the time I was conceived to this day, and the many years ahead of me.  While my hair styles, colors, interests, dreams, friendships and eyebrow thickness have changed the One remaining constant that will never change even after I leave this earth is my no-compromise  pursuit of God's Presence.