Being a LIGHT in the midst of a dark world!

1/29/2006 Estreitta 1 Comments

My hope with this blog is to share with each other ways we can be LIGHT in this dark dark world.

As each day progresses we find our self in a world that is so far removed from God that it actually hurts. One response that Christians have taken is to ignore it... Many think that if they stay in their world of Christianasia. it wont effect them. I don't Don't think that the Lord was joking when he said to Go into All the world. Some times He even asks us to go places that we wouldn't normally go. How can we be a light to the world if they never get to see what real Christianity is all about?

We need to be a Light to ALL the World. and World can be our work, our neighborhood, our school. When was the Last time you talked about how the Lord did something in your life. We don't have be one of those kinds of Christian that stand on a corner downtown yelling at people telling all the passerbys that they are going to hell. That's not being a light, but yet we can show the World that our lifestyle and our conversations is a reflection of our Faith in Jesus and the Holy Spirit will do the rest!