Diary of a TIRED TV Show Actress Extra

3/10/2007 Estreitta 1 Comments

Since I have been looking for a new career experience I decided I would enter the ranks of aspiring actresses, not for fame or even fortune but merely the opportunity to be a part of something i never had done be fore.  I even dragged my hubby along and we met some interesting people along the way.

Erik and I were cast as "Fan" extras for NBC TV Show Friday Night Lights Which will be the season finale of the Wednesday night show, to air some time late in march! We have never see the show but i guess it is time to become familiar as we will be on the show!!!

I found out about this "job" from an online yahoo group that sends out "acting" opportunities available to those living in the DFW Metroplex.

So i was excited when they called and asked us to be an extra!

So below is a synopsis of our day today; please forgive me if i seem a little incoherent, as we are losing one hour of sleep and we have to be back to the set  at Texas stadium (home of the Dallas Cowboys) at exactly 6 AM and we got home around 9:00 PM...

12:00 AM  - get home from finding our "work attire"

12:30 AM - Erik goes to bed

12:30 - 2:00 AM - Wash some clothes fix my hair for the morning

2:00 AM - I go to bed

3:45 AM - 1st alarm goes off

4:00 AM - Erik gets out of bed to turn the alarm off

4:15 AM - 5:05 AM - wake up, get ready, leave for Dallas (about a 45 min drive from our house)

5:45 AM - Arrive at Texas Stadium

6:00 AM - Stand in line to get form from production company

6:05 AM - Meet Lauren (who we will practically spend the entire day with - she was a really kewl girl who was recently married in November 2006 and LS U Grad and works for the Dallas Morning  News)

6:15 AM - get form fill out stand in another line to get approval for attire

6:25 AM - Meet this gentleman who was a katrina survivor who has been an extra on every episode to date. He drove up from the Austin Area to be on the show's taping  He is a Jovial and Social guy that loved to talk.  He had to be in his late 50's to early 60's and relocated to Austin and never looked back

7:00 AM - We are asked to be paired with a family of six to wear a T-shirt that when together will spell the word PANTHERS (Erik was the P I was the A)

7:15 AM - change clothes and wait for every one in our group

7:30 AM - Lauren finds us again and we chat about Lost, Heroes and also discuss the show Friday Night Lights, a show neither of us had seen yet, and become acquainted with each other!

8:00 AM - Asked to move our way in to the stadium and find our seats!!!

8:15 AM - We find our seats on the 7th row first section right on the 50 yrd line

8:15- 8:17am - we ask Erik to check the time

10:00 - 10:05 am - we continue to wait to be directed and told what to do

10:06 - 10:07 am - Ask Erik the Time

10:15 AM I get a little hungry eat a sugar free russel stover breakfast bar

10:18 Am  - Ask Erik the time ( guess you get that it was a slow day)

10:20 AM some Girl sings the National Anthem

10:25 - 11:45 AM Stand up, cheer, boo, scream, sit down & pantemime yelling, screaming, booing.....

11:50 AM - Erik gets his and my lunch that is provided by the show( a hot dog and potato chips) pretty skimpy lunch if i do say so my self.

the day pretty much continues in the same manner until about 4:30pm

We then are asked to move into different sections  of the stadium as we will be super emposed through out the entire stadium digitally... This continues untill 6:30 PM and at the time we are realeased and informed to go sign out...

6:40 PM - We return our wardrobe sign some more forms and leave to go get something to eat!

7:25 Pm - arrive at La Madelines a wonderful french cafe with the most delicious food

8: 00 Pm  leave La Madelines -

8:30 pm - come home...

9:00 pm - i take a bath.. Erik goes tot he store for some munchies for the morning

9:45 pm - write this blog

9: 55 pm - finish and go to la la land...

We made a little over 100 bucks for yelling, screaming and booing.. pretty tiresome day but it was a fun experience...

so until tomorrow my friends i am going to bed! sweet dreams and Guten Nacht!


Interesting New Law Passed in Texas

3/07/2007 Estreitta 1 Comments

Twenty-Five Democrats Vote Against Removing Habitual Child Sexual Predators off the Streets for Good

Austin - Today, The Republican Party of Texas released the record vote on House Bill 8 by Rep. Debbie Riddle (R-Houston) which would make certain repeat child sexual assaults punishable by death upon second conviction.  House Bill 8 passed out of the Texas House of Representatives on Tuesday morning with twenty-five Democrat members of the Texas House voting against it.

"Texans should take note of who these liberal Democrats are, what districts they represent and ask them why they are voting against protecting our children from these violent predators," Hans Klingler, Republican Party of Texas Spokesman stated.

House Bill 8 also known as "Jessica's Law" will provide a 25-year minimum sentence for child sexual predators and the death penalty or life in prison without parole for predators that prey on the children of Texas twice by making it a capital offense upon the second conviction. The bill abolishes the statute of limitations for sexual assault of a child.  Forcing child sexual predators to face justice no matter how long ago the crime was committed.

"The signal sent by the most liberal wing of the Texas Democrat Party was as always weak on crime and even weaker on leadership," Klingler went on to say.

House Bill 8 will now head to the Texas Senate where it will join very tough senate legislation on "Jessica's Law" by Senator Bob Deuell (R-Greenville) for consideration. If passed Texas would join with Louisiana, Montana, Florida, Oklahoma and South Carolina which have passed capitol punishment laws to deal with repeat child sexual predators.