Remembering John Paul Jackson

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Remembering John Paul Jackson

Growing up my BFF, Mandy Burns-Crum, and I would always talk about our night dreams. We knew that God could speak to us through our dreams. We would spend hours talking about them and wondering what the meant and what the Lord could have been saying to us through them.  We began to write them down, praying about it and asking the Lord and our Youth a Pastors for Wisdom in interpreting them.  

At an early age God used dreams in both of us to speak direction and also warn us of things to come for our lives, family, and friends.  As we got older Mandy started researching it more in depth and told me about John Paul Jackson. She explained to me how the Lord taught him about biblical dream interpretation and how to reveal the Lord in non-believers lives through interpreting dreams.

 We would try to find out as much as we could about Biblical Dream Interpretation to help us in our endeavors to navigate and interpret our our own dreams.  People also would come to us asking us to help us interpret their dreams too.  We did the best that we could with the knowledge we had.  

Then in late 2006, we learned about a class that was being taught at Jack Deere's church by someone who learned under John Paul Jackson.  We were so excited.  We learned a lot about how the Lord uses symbols to speak to us and how some dream literally & others dream symbolically.  It was so eye opening.   I wrote some blog posts here, here and here from what we learned in the class.

Little did I know at the time that I would be applying for a Job shortly after that and I'd be working for John Paul Jackson & Streams Ministries. I interviewed and got the job and became a part of the Stream Ministries Family.

When I was on staff at Streams, every morning we would worship, pray what was in our hearts to pray for going on in our nation and the world. There was about 8 of us. John Paul would share with us the things the Lord had taught him over the years of ministry as well as things he was sensing prophetically for our nation. We talked a lot about the Perfect Storm and seeing that prophecy unfolding before our eyes.  I have pages and pages of notes of those awesome nugget one liners from John Paul that just spoke truth in the things going on in and around the world & the church at large.   

He was a such great leader.  I so loved his leadership style. He let us explore ideas and implement them.  I know John Paul loved to see us flourish in our gifting. He never micromanaged us but gave us clear boundaries & deadlines to get things done.  He was always so encouraging and complimentary of everything I did. 

John Paul gave me one of the best compliments I have ever received, he said, "Estreitta, I am astounded by your ability to grasp things so quickly. It usually takes most people 6 - 8 months to get up to speed to learn a new Job but You are not like most people, you've done it in 2 months! I've never seen anything like it!"

I loved my Job there and it's kewl to see how the work I did there helped advance the kingdom of God.  I was the media marketing coordinator and one of my responsibilities was helping get the word out about John Paul's books, teaching, speaking engagements.  I helped get all his social media off the ground and he began posting & tweeting on a regular basis.  He loved posting & tweeting. and was amazed about the reach and impact Social Media had in our culture.  He loved how it could be used to share the Wisdom the Lord showed him to the world in an instant. In the year I was there, I think the social media reach surpassed all our expectations, the impact & response of so many by connecting him to the World.  

One of My favorite projects I did was when all the teachers from around the world for Streams Ministries came into town, John Paul asked that I teach the class (about 100 people) how to use Social media to advance the kingdom and to promote the Understanding Dreams & Visions Classes and more.  

I was so honored at the opportunity to do so.  Then at the end of the conference he asked us, those on staff members to pray for all the teachers. I felt so honored that he trusted me to do so especially the fact that many of these people were seasoned believers and were way more anointed than me.  

It was a powerful night.  the Lord used me to speak life over them and agree with their destinies God had for ordained for them.

I would say that was probably #1 on my list of things I will never forget! And I am so very grateful for the opportunity to had worked and served in his ministry.

It is hard to believe John Paul Jackson is no longer here with us sharing his immense wisdom & knowledge about the revelations God has shown him. Yet I know that he is loving being in The Fullness of & the Awe of Gods presence.

Last night I was at the United Cry Banquet for #DC16 and Will Ford closed the evening with prayer, but before he closed he shared how the ones that have gone before us people like John Paul Jackson led the way and taught us how to pursue the heart of God.

John Paul Jackson will be greatly missed by many and the ripples of his ministry have impacted and changed the lives of many! Me being one of them!

From the Streams Ministry Website:

The public memorial service for John Paul Jackson will be held Monday, March 9thfrom 10 am until Noon at Gateway Church in Southlake, Texas.
Gateway Church
700 Blessed Way
Southlake, Texas 76092

In lieu of flowers, your gift may be sent to the family.
Please make checks payable to John Paul Jackson Memorial Fund and send them to;

CO/ Streams Ministries
1420 Lakeside Pkwy, Ste 100
Flower Mound, TX 75028