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9/26/2017 Estreitta 0 Comments

I. Estreitta de Kluetz

Estreitta de Kluetz (pronounced: ES-tray-ee-tah day Kleets) is passionate about God, Praise & Worship, her husband Erik of 21 years. Together they have their miracle son Anton Mataeo, who just turned 3 years old and started preschool.  She’s a self proclaimed a foodie, world traveler and a connoisseur of all things vintage.

Estreitta has served in ministry since her early teens and has worked on staff at various ministries including Minnesota Teen Challenge, John Paul Jackson's ministry Streams Ministries, Shady Grove Church, Gateway Church, RevTv Network and Amy Coello Ministries. Prior their son being born, she and her husband served at Upper Room Dallas, as a worship leaders in the prayer room and Estreitta was also part of the leadership team for the UR Women's Ministry. Due to the high risk pregnancy and being put on bed rest for over a month most of which was at the hospital,  they decided to step down from all active ministry roles to focus on raising their son and looking for a church closer to their home. Then the pandemic hit and the world was upended. They are still in the process of looking for a home church, but hoping the Lord will direct their foot steps so they can find community once again.

Estreitta is an activist for the pro-life movement, a vocal proponent for racial reconciliation inside and outside the church, and prophetic worship leader.

Estreitta's faith in her Savior, Jesus Christ, is at the core of everything she says and does. Her goal is to honor Him in every aspect of her life: relationships, ministry and all those she encounters. Her heart is to choose to love as He does unconditionally and speaking the truth no matter what.

Estreitta also owns a successful Vintage resale business, Starlite Vintiqs (Vin-Teeks), and is also the CEO of a Marketing Consulting Business, BLBD Media Group, where she consults with non-profits and start-up businesses on social media, branding and marketing strategies.

As a believer in the One true God, Estreitta knows He has Called her to be a BRIGHT LIGHT in the midst of a dark world! Her goal with this blog is to share with each other ways we can be LIGHT in this dark dark world. Her name means little star in Spanish - The darker the night the brighter the stars shine!

Estreitta has been writing this blog for over 15 years now and she enjoys sharing her life, thoughts, and relationship with Jesus with those she cross paths with.