On Father's Day Honoring the Dad I never really knew..

6/18/2006 Estreitta 0 Comments

Today, I haven't really thought much of him (even though it is Father's day) until I read a friends blog where I guess she inspired me to go write things about what my dad liked and even what things I liked about him.  Thanx Andrea for the inspiration.

A little background first:
My dad passed away on Nov 11, 2004.  I didn't know him very well.  He was a difficult person to love, but with God's Help I chose to love him regardless of his cruelty.  He gave his Life To God about a month before his death...  The only regret I have is that I wish I would have known him Longer as a Christian.  

There are days  I miss my dad and even start to cry, especially the things that remind me of him. 
My dad liked to tease people and joke alot

  • He loved to eat, eat until there was no food left to eat...
  • He loved going an cutting down trees, whether it was in the back yard or some one needed help cutting trees he was ready with his trusty chainsaw
  • my dad loved movies.  He would watch movies all the time over and over no matter how many times he had seen it it was like he was watching it for the first time.  The movies he loved were crocodile dundee, weekend at bernie's, Ford Fairlane, tango and Cash, any  movie with john wayne, westerns with the guy with the one lazy eye, john candy  or jim belushi.
  • My dad loved to Bbq even if it was 115 degrees outside he would bbq for hours chicken, steak, hamburgers, hot dogs....
  • my dad loved his toy trucks, he has about 400 of them we still haven't gone through.  all of wich are collectibles.

  • he loved talking to strangers.  people would call our house looking for some one else and my dad would strike up a conversation with the person and talk to them for hours like he had known them for years.
  • my dad loved making breakfast for us on saturdays.  I remember one time when i brought Irma to texas with me and she was floored at the spread my dad prepared... she said with her rhode island accent, "Mista Maatin yu raak the housse"  My dad said I really wasn't walking around the house very hard, i didn't notice it moving...
  • my dad loved singing "i'm to sexy" ALL THE TIME...  we thought about playing it at his funeral but we ran out of time to look for it....

Even though I only heard him say it once he did love me and my brother in his own way, i guess he showed us more than he told us!

Comments from Myspace Blog:

Great list, Estreitta. I never got to know your dad very well - I only talked to him the few times I came to your house. But I can picture him doing each of these things.

Posted by Naomi on Jun 20, 2006 9:44 AM


Hey! I feel like I got a nice glimpse of your dad. Thanks for posting these things about him. Showing vs telling is a very interesting observation. I loved the quote of Irma about the spread!

Posted by Ranny on Jun 22, 2006 9:09 AM


ok so im aware that this is from awhile back but i read it anyway. Just wanted to say that i remember all the teasing and jokes. I cant tell you how many times i would run to your mom when she was watched me cuz your dad was picking on me, and your mom would just laugh and tell him to stop. lol but you have to consider the size difference between us and know why that would scare me. lol. i grew up though and wasnt worried anymore, and just looked for your dad to wave driving by when i was playing outside.

Posted by ~StEpHaNiE~ on Feb 28, 2007 9:55 PM