PRAISE REPORT ON BILLY and Shop for Father's Day and Help NAMI Too

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Greetings My Friends & Prayer Partners!

I wanted to thank you all for keeping my brother in your prayers. He is coming home on Wednesday!!!! I appreciate everyone taking time to pray and believe for Billys healing. He is doing so much better and He has such a positive outlook on life right now! I attribute this to our commitment to praying for Billy!!! I would appreciate your continued prayers in wisdom and direction on the programs/ministries we need get Billy involved in for his total restoration!!! Also prayer for Billy to stay on track with his instructions upon leaving the hospital!!

BTW, there is this great organization that helps families and persons affected by mental illness. NAMI is the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill. So when you are thinking of purchasing a gift for Fathers Day use this link. Amazon will be giving donations to NAMI for everyone using this link to purchase items from.

Erik and I really appreciate all our friends. Can you believe it we have been married for 5 YEARS!!!!!!! It feels like we just Got married the other day! I so appreciate my wonderful Hubby!!!

Well yalll Take care And Let me know how you are doing!!!!

Persisting with Exception!


Prayer Request For Billy (Original Message Sent out on Jan 9, 2005)

Hello Friends:

I am writing to ask you all to be in agreement with us for Billy, my brother who is 29 years old, healing. He is currently in mental hospital in Wichita Falls, TX. He has been there since early November 2005. This is the second time he has been hospitalized. And I want it to be the LAST!!! My brother has been dealing with a mental illness for almost 9 years. He has been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and bipolar/manic depression. In fact, it was around August of 1997 when my family began to recognize that my brother was showing signs of his mental illness. I dont want another year to go by with this illness distorting Billys thoughts. Throughout the past 9 years, I have been angry at the situation and determined to see my brother completely restored. The word restoration means: bring back to its original state to be used for its intended purpose. I know that the Lord wants to restore my brother!

My brother Billy has an awesome calling of God on his life. The past 9 years have been terribly draining on my family emotionally & physically. 9 years have been stolen from him and our family. His dreams have been put on hold. As his mind has been in constant torment. Although, our faith has continued to grow and we have been stretched and strengthened in the midst of it all. Billy has always sought the Lord and has always wanted to serve Him. God is so faithful.

If you could commit to pray for Billy at 12:07 PM everyday during the workweek, (Billys birthday is December 7th and I thought it would be easier to remember plus it is usually when most of us will be eating lunch). I am confident that we will start to see his healing begin and total restoration of his mind. I would really appreciate your prayers. Please feel free to invite other Prayer Warriors to join us in the fight to bring my brother back to who God intended him to be!

Our Prayer for Billys Healing:

Oh Lord God, we come together in agreement for total Restoration of Billys mind. Father, we thank you for freeing Billy from any fear or condemnation. We thank you Lord Jesus that you have the power to set Billys free from the mental illnesses that have oppressed his mind. Lord God, your word says that when we pray for the sick they will recover, and by the stripes of Jesus, Billy has been healed. As we come together in agreement for Billys healing we pray that you comfort him and bring him peace. We believe that You O Lord are helping Billy distinguish between Your Truth and the enemys lies. Thank you Father God for we place Billy in your hands. We praise you Lord for what you are doing every area of Billys life. We will continue to trust in you by standing on Your Word and expecting to see Billy healed. For your is the Kingdom and the power and the Glory forever and ever in Jesus Precious Name We pray! Amen

Thank you for your prayers. I will report on Billys progress!

Persisting without exception,


From: NAMI []
Sent: Friday, June 02, 2006 11:06 AM
Subject: Shop for Father's Day and Help NAMI Too

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