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I have rearranged my top Friends (with the Exception of the First 8) with some of my Favorite Musicians/Artist/ Worship Leaders.  Some Of them are indie Bands and some are Globally recognized in the Christian Music industry. Take time to visit their myspace pages and have your self a listen i hope it blesses you as much as it blesses us!!!! I do have all of these artists currently playing on my Ipod!


Erik And I discovered Klaus through Christ for the Nations (CFNI) in Dallas Texas.  They have a monthly Night of Worship the 2nd Friday of the month.  We went to a 40 Days of Prayer Meeting at CFNI last year and heard Klaus lead Worship.  It was very anointed and you could feel the presence of God during the service.  His Music is a breath of Fresh air to us and reignited our passion for worship again, which had began to feel stale to us until we discovered Klaus. Every Song of Klaus' is great!

Parachute Band

The Parachute Band has been a long time favorite of ours.  The Parachute band that we had become familiar with has passed the mantle on to this new group of Guys, Same heart for Worship.  We are looking forward to hearing and entering into worship with their music in the coming years!


Live in Japan - Now this band is a band close to my heart.  They are dear friends of mine and I have been really blessed by thier music and friendship!!


Rita Springer is one of the best female worship leaders i have ever heard.  Whe leads with her passion and heart for God.  I recently heard a podcast that she spoke at the Soul Survivor Church in California.  I had heard her music before and it touched my soul and really ministered to me.  I have a few songs of hers on my myspace music player you HAVE to check her music outt!!!


I recently posted a Blog about them,  This is an AWESOME new Worship CD. I just downloaded  all the songs off of thier myspace and in the process of uploading it to my ipod cause i want to listen to it where ever I go!!!!



David Crowder Band was recently honored with MSN Artist of the year and beat out the likes of Prince, Christina Aguileria, INXS...  They have come out of the PASSION Conferences with Chris Tomlin, Matt Redmon....  They are PHENOMENAL Worship leaders with unique sound and yet the truth is sang with every word! My Favorite Songs are Rain Down, Intoxicating Joy and O Praise Him! Man Alive all their music is phenomenal!



We discovered Jared's song Rescue through a Night of Worship at Christ for the Nations. He was part of the Desparation Band out of Colorado and recently branched out on his own. He is a fabulous worship leader.  I had it as my profile song a while back.  Rescue is a song that really makes me remember that God is in control and taking care of everthing.


Kari Jobe went to Christ for the Nations, and is featured on the Overtaken CD with Klaus.  She is currently is one of the Worship leaders at Gateway Church in Southlake Texas.  She has an amazing voice and really is annointed! Revelation Song (off of the Overtaken CD from CFNI Music) is one of those songs you will be humming all day long



Elizabeth Clark is another worship leader out of Christ for the Nations.  She currently is a worship leader at High Point Church in Arlington Texas.  the songs that she writes really speak to my heart especially her song When I Speak your Name



I have recently discovered Aaron through Myspace music search really good. i just love the sound of his voice and could listen to it all the time!!!


Shawn McDonald

Shawn McDonald is one of my FAVORITE Christian Artists right now.  His Lyrics, Music, and Style are just so uplifting.  we went to a concert of his afew months ago at Hope Works in Fort Worth and it was packed... Take My Hand is one of th best Songs i have heard in a long time!!!


Blaine and Leah Howard this duo have been performing together for a long time.  I went to college with both of them.  I remember when Leah and I were roomies during a summer and I would beg her to play and sing cause I just loved to listen to her sweet beautiful voice.  If you are looking for some great music for you next road trip Blaine and Leah Howard is the cd you absolutely want in your player!!!


We learned about Lifehouse's music through CFNI and our church.  They came out of the Vineyard Malibu Church in their teens and you can hear their songs played both on Christian and secular stations across the country.  Everything is one of the best worship songs i have heard in a long time!!!!!

While driving home late at night crying out to God about how I thought my dreams we so far out of reach to me and didn't know how it was going to ever happen like i had envisioned (a mother, in the ministry full time, debt free, a worship leader, a author...) a song by Charity Von came on the radio called In our Presence --- as the song played my tears of dispair became tears of joy and peace and gave me assurance the God was taking care of everthing and I need to just seek his presence.  Here is some of the lyrics -


In Your Presence
In Your Presence – I find comfort
In Your Presence – I find peace
In Your Presence – I surrender
Lord I give you all of me
In Your Presence – I fall on my knees
For you are worthy
In Your Presence - I hear angels sing
Holy – Holy – Is the Lamb of God


It is great Stuff!!!God is So Good!!! He always meets you where you are when you need it!!!



Sara Groves is really kewl.  My Best friend Mandy totally loves her music! i dig her kewl crisp voice and She is from Mpls so its gotta be good!!!

Jason Upton is another guy from Northwestern and went on to be a wonderful music leader. He is releasing an upcoming live album in april.  it should be awesome.  Jason leads lots of worship services throughout country.  I discovered that he was leading worship through the  International House of Prayer Ministry in Kansas City, MO


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  1. MySpace Comment:

    You know I think you have great taste, but to take credit for discovering them... that's just crossing the line... I'm just kidding! I'll see you at lunch :) Love ya!

    Posted by M♥NDY on Thursday, March 01, 2007 - 9:34 AM

    Funny timing...God at work! I was just praying about needing to discover some Christian music that I really like...I needed fresh stuff with good rythm...thanks for the recommendations...So happy to have this info.

    Posted by Ranny on Thursday, March 01, 2007 - 9:43 AM

    I'm so glad that i posted this then! Let me know which one's you like~~

    Posted by Twinkle Twinkle Estreitta on Friday, March 02, 2007 - 1:31 PM

    Yeah do enlighten yourself and expand your music collection!!!!

    Posted by Twinkle Twinkle Estreitta on Friday, March 02, 2007 - 1:34 PM