Popularity of Niceness

2/07/2007 Estreitta 1 Comments

Today my Bestest friend, Mandy, whom I have known since i was ten posted a blog that inspired me to write this, part of it is my response to her blog (which i HIGHLY encourage you to read)


I decided to entitle this blog Popularity of Niceness because i think we need to bring back this trend.

People aren't nice to one another anymore...

People don't even compliment each other when they do something good or even innovative.  We only get noticed if smell good with the latest parfume released by JLO or wearing the something seen on paris hilton.

please... this is totally ridiculous

Most people don't even talk to a neighbor let alone the cashier at the checkout counter.

maybe as my friend mandy suggested it all stems from our high school days of trying to be popular...

I wasn't popular in the sense that i was a cheerleader or a blonde with a normal name like Wendy, Kelley or Stephane... infact i was far from it... But i think I was popular in the sense i knew everyone and everyone knew me and what i stood for.  I was nice to the mean girls and guys and nice to the smelly kid at school.

I did it cause that is was God has called us to do, show love to the unlovable.

Even though i got made fun of and teased all the time... They used to call me Extring been MArtian or Ethiopian or anorexic girl (because I was so skinny i was like 95 pounds when i graduated) I wasn't anorexic in fact i could eat 7 tacos and half a pizza and never gain a pound... anyway girls on the bus put gum put in my hair and  humiliated me infront of everyone in the lunch room. when highschool was over and done with i left (hopefully a good) impression on those i knew and even didn't know. because i was nice to everyone even if they were mad at me.. and the meanest girls actually ended up being nice to me as time went on...

Then I went to a Christian College in MN...  You know I actually had a roomate tell me she was embarrased to be around me because I would always talk about God in public and was always so friendly to check out person.

I think the simplest way to spread God's love is with a simple smile or an acknowledgement that the person is on this earth and that someone noticed them with kindness and offer them inspiration to pay it forward....

Let's begin a trend of niceness and make it popular to be kind to those down and out especially when the media isn't acknowleding it!

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    Amen, isn't that a good thing to try to do everyday?! I know I need to work on it! :)

    Posted by KrisE on Friday, February 02, 2007 - 10:24 PM

    Man, your friend Mandy must be pretty awesome... j/k Thanks for passing it on, Estreitta :)

    Posted by Mandy on Saturday, February 03, 2007 - 8:57 PM