Signs and wonders of God in Puerto Rico

7/25/2008 Estreitta 0 Comments

You HAVE to Check this video out.... the Video shows some Amazing Signs and wonders of God in Puerto Rico!This happend about a year ago, but I have heard alot of similar things hapenning here in the US.
God is so Very awesome!! We need to start praying for God to continue to Reveal MORE of Himself to the utter ends o the world. Pray for His Presence to draw those back, ignite passion and fire with in every Follower of Christ, and that these signs and wonders would open the hearts and minds of those who don't know Him to surrender thier lives, repent, seek His face and turn away from sin.
The Awesome Part about these Holy Manifestations of God's Presence is that there's no way that this can be an act of man...