Day One - My Free To Worship Experience

8/05/2008 Estreitta 0 Comments

Today began my first day of Seeking the Lord at ANHOP (All Nations House of Prayer). Erik asked me today what I was going to name what I am doing... at the time he asked me I didn't really put any thought to it... So It just came to me while praying today:

My Free to Worship Experience

I think that really expresses what this season is for me...To be in a place where i am TOTALLY Free to Worship and Experience the King of all Kings, the Lord of All Lords, the Prince of Peace, the Almighty God, Name above all Names Jesus!!!

It has been awesome just sitting in the presence of God... I have so much Peace around me....

I read Luke 14 today, some things stood out to me:

1.) need to make sure that I'm not letting the things of this life take precedence over my relationship with God. Not Family, Work, Life. my Relationship with God needs to be First. my total Devotion needs to be For God and God alone.

2.) I need to make a point to do what I can to help the poor and the sick. Serve them, help them, feed them, pray for them...

3.) before I do anything I need to make a plan... sit down and write things out. Weigh the options and the costs. Have a plan in place to finance the plan otherwise the plan may get started but because of lack of funds.. it never gets completed.

This morning I wrote my prayers out here is an excerpt:

"Show me your Ways oh Lord, I want to fulfill your purposes and plans and not my own. Lord, You have called me to be a BRIGHT LIGHT in a big darkness.

How then Lord will I do this?

How Lord can I do this?

When Lord will I do this?"

I think this is a great start for the week। I am excited about what is ahead. Thank you for your prayers and standing in a agreement with me for clear direction.


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Glad you posted this, Estreitta! I'm so happy it's been a peaceful, joyful, worshipful time! Sounds refreshing! Still praying!

Posted by Ranny on Wednesday, August 06, 2008 - 12:32 PM