You’re Invited! (RSVP by Monday May 5th)

Erik & Estreitta Kluetz

cordially invite

you and your family to attend

their Copper Anniversary Party


Saturday - May 10, 2008

beginning at 4:00 pm

located at

Joe's Garage

1610 Harmon Place

Minneapolis, MN 55403


Click here to let us know if you can make it

PLEASE RSVP by Monday May 5th

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Erik & Estreitta Kluetz

7244 Normandy Road

Fort Worth, TX 76112

Cell: (612) 978-2555


Having problems? Paste the address below into your web browser: http://www. rsvme. com/wsb. dll/13709/20080420020202996. htm

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  1. MySpace Comments:

    Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend. BUT I hope you have a HUGE turnout!!!! I was walking with my mom-in-law when you called tonight. Hope all is well with you! Love you!

    Posted by M♥NDY on Monday, April 21, 2008 - 7:32 PM

    I wanted to add something else... I think that you celebrating your anniversary every year with your close friends is a wonderful thing! I think that for a couple who are so devoted to the covenant that they've made to eachother and to the committment to help others uphold their covenants these annual parties are very appropriate.

    I recently read something by Tim Elmore called 'The Life You Were Meant To Live'. It helps you to discover your purpose, but then to discover your "What's next?". He says that when you can look back on your life and see a thread that connects it all, that thread is most likely a large part of your purpose. Once you discover your purpose, you begin to find ways to surround yourself with things that point to it. I know that you and Erik feel that this is part of your ministry to the body of Christ. Maybe it'll start a trend among others who are also passionate about their marriage covenants.

    I think that because the marriage covenant is so important to God - it was the first covenant He established if you think about it - it's important for us to honor and to celebrate that covenant. If I were there, it would be my privilege to celebrate and honor the marriage covenant that you have made. If there were more emphasis placed on things like this, I think there would be alot more accountability and alot less divorce.

    That's my girl - breaking the mold in yet another way! I love you!

    Posted by M♥NDY on Thursday, April 24, 2008 - 2:38 PM