Happy Compliment Day!

4/17/2008 Estreitta 0 Comments

On the 15th it was "Tax Day" and tomorrow is "Earth Day"!

So today, April 17th, I want to say Happy Compliment Day!

How this all started was when both Melissa (a Co-worker for those outside of my company) and I were offering each other compliments, and who doesn't like to get a compliment! It felt good giving them and receiving them. So we decided that we should invent not just a holiday but a movement!  I think that Mark Twain said it best:


"I can live two months on a good compliment."

-         Mark Twain (1835 - 1910)


With that said, I think offering a compliment to a coworker, friend, or family member can brighten their day!  Even if it's just for a little while, I think it could make an impact not only on the person but on the World! So I encourage you to offer a compliment to someone you interact with today and see how it spreads like wild fire!!!