The Search for the Right Church

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Since Easter of 2007, Erik and I have been looking for a church. We have visited probably 20 churches and have been to a lot of good bible based churches with maybe only 5 that have aligned with what we are looking for in a church. Ya'll can pray for us as we continue to look for a home church as it has been difficult but we keep on looking. 

Last Easter Erik and I made the difficult decision to leave the Church I grew up in and that welcomed us back with open arms.  When My dad went to be with the Lord, This church had truly stood up to it's name "Family Christian Center"  They were/are more of a family to us than my dad's side of the family was.  They helped us and my mom through a really difficult time and for that I am eternally grateful and thankful for.

But as time went on Erik and I felt more and more disconnected not by anything they did but more because I believe that God wasn't knitting us with them for a purpose.  Plus we lived about 45 miles away and it was difficult to be more involved during the week.  They have a great heart to serve the community they are in and yet we just didn't get it.  I think mostly again cause God was pulling us in a completely different direction than where God was taking them.  there's nothing wrong with that it just became evident on Easter of 2007.  The pastors had gone to Europe and they had a guest pastor from a neigboring town.  His message was "Where's the Fruit?"
The message changed our thinking about church and where we should go.  Not because this church was doing anything wrong it just became evident to us that it wasn't the place for us.  We had gotten into the maintaining mode.  going from one thing to the next and not growing spiritually.  We got too Comfortable.  The Message showed us that there was no fruit in our life.  We asked ourselves why isn't there any fruit, its cause we were in this maintaining mode.
So our search for the right church began.

I think that making a church your home shouldn't be taken lightly.  it's like the spouse you marry.  you have these stipulations and requirements they have to meet in order for them to be even datable.  If they don't align with your list then you shouldn't hesitate and run the other way.  If they have most of the qualities then building the relationship and getting to know them better to see what they are really about.  That is kinda of the method we are using for our search for the right church here are some of our list items.
  1. We are looking for a Church that is multicultural.  a Church that is ethnically diverse and has a desire to be reach those in our community.
  2. A Church where the pastor is not afraid to challenge the congregation to be all that God wants us to be and teaches out of the Word of God.
  3. A Church that actively pursues the Gifts of the Spirit allows to Holy Spirit to be present and move in the services.
  4. Where worshiping the Lord is central to it's ministry.
  5. The Church supports Missionaries and provide opportunities to go on missions trips to young people and adults.
  6. Where the Children and Youth seek the face of God and desire to know him more.
  7. A Church where its about serving God not personalities
I know that our expectations of the church we are looking for seem kinda lofty, but we are tired of maintaining and just going to church everyweek and it not impacting us deeply. 

Erik and I want to be a part of the Last Day revival and be used by God to Minister to the Lost and dying world  ministering the truth and the Love of God.  We want to see miracles and have visitations from the Lord on a daily basis.  We are tired of the maintaining mentality.
I want to start seeing the purposes and plans that God has for me to come to pass and my maintaining isn't going to get me to where God wants me to be.

Last week we attended this church that's mission is to train and equip revivalist.  The Pastor asked something that has been resonating in me all week:
You need to ask yourself why those visions and dreams and words from the Lord to you haven't come to pass.  Have you Gotten in the way of God's Purposes or are your positioning yourself to be activated at any moment?
I want to be in the right place at the right time to be used by God.  The enemy has tried to get me focused on my self with this cancer stuff but i didn't do that i I kept focusing on the Lord and Thanking him that he has called me an OVERCOMER!

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    I'll be praying you'll find the place that fits all of your needs.

    Posted by Ranny on Monday, March 10, 2008 - 4:25 PM

    We live on the north side of fort worth and go to Gateway church. I really like it and their worship is amazing :)

    Posted by Mila on Thursday, March 13, 2008 - 12:15 PM