A Year in the Life: 1998

3/30/2008 Estreitta 1 Comments

My friend Andrea wrote a similar blog for 1997 and she asked that I write one for 1998.  so here I go...  I am writing from what I remember.


The Fall of 1997 I had returned to Minnesota after a 2 year "Sabbatical" in Texas.  I had left Minnesota in Nov ’95 for a guy that ended up being the most horrible man.  Praise God Jesus delivered me out of this relationship.  So by the Winter Quarter I was just getting back in the swing of School. In the Spring of 1997 the Lord had restored me and released me to go back to Northwestern.

I had started a Job in the Fall 1997 as a wedding DJ and pretty much made $500 bucks a weekend getting people to do the chicken dance.  I really enjoyed my job, in the winter the owner asked me to work in the office to do presentations to brides & Grooms.  He wanted me to work 30 hours a week.  I worked Monday through Thursday in the office and worked every Saturday, and some Fridays.  This was the year I met my friend Rio de Garcia Sarzoza.  He was a very interesting guy.  He and i were like nite and day.  He was brought up in church, but he had a lot of pain in his heart and really tried to punch my buttons about my faith, but i was persistent about showing him the True Love of God.  We would have long hours of conversations about the Lord... even though he never recommited his life to the Lord... when ever he was having difficulty he would always ask me to pray with him.

I lived in on the second floor of Moyer with Jackie Kliner, Sara (now Phillips), Laurel (???), Irma Brito, Elisa Cellan... i cant remember who else it was... It always worked out for me that I would get a room to myself which was nice cause i had my privacy.  I have to say that these ladies were wonderful roomates.  out of the 33 roomates I had, They were very sincere and i didn’t have to worry about them talking about me behind my back like i had experience in the past.  It was always peacful for me to come home!!!

I had continued to go to Speak the Word Church in Golden Valley like I had before.  It was good reconnecting with the friends I had made there also.

I had begun talking to this guy who lived in Utah his name was Raphael Cordova.  We had "met" while I was making reservations for a trip to Texas with Delta.  We just started talking and i found out he was a Christian and we had a similar back ground we began talking on a regular basis.

I also was still infatuated with Jon Schock. We did a radio show with each other.  We were in a lot of classes together and i really enjoyed my friendship with him. Although by the summer I had realized that it would have Never worked as we had very different views on very important issues to me and I finally let that go by the summer of 1998.

In August 1997 My brother was diagnosed with Manic Depression and Schitzophrenia.  This was the most Challenging thing i went through because i was now in MN and i couldn’t be in Texas to help my brother.  I convinced him and my parents to let billy come up to MN for the Spring Quarter, hoping that him being closer to me would help.  At first it went well, he stayed in MN with me until the Fall of 1998 when the depression had become overwhelming for him.

Friends I remember making during this year were Cathy Ibanez, Sarah Harder, Kelly Thoulouis (From church), Jack McBain, Anne Marie Munsell, Iliah Grant (Fall of 1998), Beckie Reeves (Fall of 1998)


Meeting Iliah was a God send for me.  I had prayed for years that God would bring me a Friend that we would be spiritually in-sync like Kindred spirits (as Anne Shirley would say from Anne of Green Gables) and Iliah was that for me.  Her zeal and Passion for God was very encouraging to me.  She reminded me alot of my self when I first came to northwestern.  I am so very blessed that God brought her too me when he did!

Nothing else really sticks out to me if I rememeber any more I will post another blog!

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    Hey! It meant SO much to me that you did this, Estrietta!! It was so interesting to hear many of the pieces between your transition from Texas to Mn. I felt sad that Billy struggled so hard. It sounds incredibly painful. Where did you live when Billy lived with you, or was he somehow allowed to be at NWC?

    Also, I LOVED hearing about how Iliah was an answer to prayer for you. I could relate to your praying for a kindred spirit friend in the Lord. I was often in a similar place. I'm so glad you've both stayed so close with the Lord and with each other!!

    Jon Schock...sounds familiar. I'll have to look him up now. Also, I think Laurel's last name might have been Berger....if so, I really liked her and lived with her for some or all of a summer.

    What a wonderful bunch of women you lived with! I'm so glad you had such a peaceful "home" there at Moyer! All good ladies in your room as I recall them!! Hugs to you, and thanks again for doing this!!

    Posted by Ranny on Monday, March 31, 2008 - 5:23 PM

    Berger that is it you are so right.... I could see her face but not her last name.

    Yeah Billy enrolled in the Spring Quarter and lived with Jeremy Rupp. he did pretty ok that quarter. it wasn't until the Summer that things started getting bad cause he stopped taking his medicine.

    I remember some more stuff about that year and will try to blog about it over the next few days....

    Posted by Twinkle Twinkle Estreitta on Monday, March 31, 2008 - 11:16 PM