Our Dreams Mean Something (Part 3 of 3)

2/28/2008 Estreitta 0 Comments

Sorry that this took forever to write this there was/is a lot to cover in this final installment.

This class was basically definitions and she (Barbie Breathitt) went so fast that my hand got so cramped that it has taken me forever to try to decipher everything too. So here we go! Enjoy!

To assist with interpreting dreams here are a few resources/tools that can be used:

  • Prayer
  • The Word of God
  • Biblical Imagery Dictionary
  • Biblical Dream books containing a glossary or definitions
  • Symbol dictionary
  • Name Meaning books, especially those that list a scripture
  • Google search: Find biblical websites that list definitions and symbols
  1. After you receive a dream spend time with the Lord and seek his direction
  2. Ask Him for spiritual revelation and understanding and why He is using these particular symbols
  3. Understanding the symbols is essential to unlocking the interpretation of your dreams.
  4. What feelings, emotions or actions does the dream provoke
  5. Think about both the positive and negative meaning

When you dream about People-

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I know this person?
  • What does this person mean to me?
  • How do I feel about this person?
  • What does this person represent?
  • What kind of relationship do I have with this person?
  • What does their name mean?
  • What is this persons dominant characteristic?
    • 3 adjectives to describe them
  • In the dream are they behaving different than they normally do?
  • Does this person’s countenance glow or appear supernatural?

People or figures can usually mean:

  • Angels – messenger of the Lord
  • Mother – Holy Spirit, the Church, or Mother
  • Pastor – Compassionate, Leader, or shepherd
  • Father – God the Father, Priest, head of the household, father
  • Brother – Jesus
  • Sister – Holy Spirit
  • Baby – New Beginning
  • Elderly – Wisdom

Body Parts usually mean:

· Hands – relationship

· Feet – Walk with the Lord

· Legs – Walk

· Knees – Humility and humble prayer

· Thighs – Strength

· Breast – Provider/Nurturer

· Reproductive Organs – Reproduce/ birthing

· Shower/toilet – Cleansing, deliverance of unresolved issues

· Naked – unprepared or vulnerable , revealing private things

· Eyes – windows to soul

· Shoulder – Strength, carrying the load or caring a burden

· Neck - Wife

· Teeth – Indecision

· Teeth Falling out – pressures

· Noses – sensing or discernment


· House – Self

· Past Home – Unresolved issues

· Future Home – Revelation

· Churches – Fellowship

· Schools – Higher learning or level of training

· Gym – competition or “working out” issues

· Basement – foundational issues or things stored deep inside

· Attic – Mind thoughts, unused gifts

· Living room – Gathering

· Warehouse – Resource to Others

· Front Porch – visible

· Restaurants – Spiritual food

· Garage – Restoration or things stored or held onto from the past

· Back Yard – things in the past

· Library – study or resources or research

· Bed –Rest or place of intimacy

· Kitchen – Where you are fed spiritually (Church)

· Table – Communion

· Elevator - Promotion


· How many people can travel in it

· How Fast

· Does it travel on Land, water or sky?

· It is used today?

o Car – Personal Ministry

o Truck – Load

o Horse Back Riding – Power Ministry

o Train – Training or train of Glory

o Subway –Intercessor

o Spaceship – outerlimits

Weather & Storms

· What color is the storm?

o White – God moving

o Blue Sky – Revelation

o Dark Sky – Difficulty or challenges

· What type of storm?

o Rain – refreshing

o Snow – holiness

o Ice/Sleet – bitterness

o Tornado – destruction

When you think of an object or item or person, what are your feelings or thoughts about that item or person.


· Flying – Revelatory Gifts

· Falling – Stress over a decision that needs to be made

· Tangles/snare – confusion

· Farming – Evangelism