Open Letter to President Obama about Volunteerism

6/17/2010 Estreitta 0 Comments

Today, I was thinking about ways that could raise morale in our country and then I decided to write President Obama.  Below is what I wrote.


Dear President Obama:

I would like to propose an idea for you to consider that I believe would raise morale in our country: a Vonunteer Tax Credit.

Currently, the tax code only allows tax-deductible donations for items with a value such as money, clothing, vehicles, etc. If someone were to volunteer their skilled service to an organization, the only thing they can deduct are expenses for mileage.

While many citizens in our country are out of work, I think it would spark more involvement with community service and outreach. I think our country really needs to get back to the mentality of helping our neighbors and those in need. I am reminded of stories of my grand parents sharing how the community would come together back in WWI & WWII to donate nylons and metals to the army, communities would come together and share food to those in need.

How much more of an incentive for people who have never volunteered before to be able to offer their time and skills to non-profit organizations and be able to receive tax credits for their service?

I believe it would also engage corporate America to be more willing to donate their staff time and resources.

With so many recent tragic events happening all across our country, I truly believe if we did more to incentivise volunteerism many people who are down and out would be motivated to help and engage more in the community.

Not to mention all of the faithful volunteers currently helping organizations, who are struggling to make ends meet because donations are down all accross the board.

Even though I did not vote for or agree with about 80% of your platforms, I do pray for God to give you wisdom and strength to lead our country. I hope this administration would consider implementing something to engage more volunteers and help turn the morale of our country around.

Best regards,

I. Estreitta de Kluetz


I'd like to know your toughts on my idea!