Radical for Christ

1/02/2009 Estreitta 0 Comments

On my way home from Church on New Years Eve, I was thinking about when I was a young teenager in Youth Group and my Youth Pastor, Dave would encourage us all the time to be Radical for Christ. I believe Dave was teaching us to be true followers of Christ that went against the grain of the ways of the world and man that it was seen as Radical.

And As a Young teenage Girl I did my best to be Radical for Christ.  I created a Bible Club called Students As Living Testimonies (SALT), I would share my faith with everyone I came in contact with, I prayed at the Flag Pole every Monday Morning before school whether I was alone or with a few.  I used to be called a "Bible Thumper"  a nickname i proudly wore.  I was't ashamed when It came to Talking about Jesus.  When friends at school were going through anything like family stuff or relationship stuff, they would come to me for prayer and encouragement.  If Friends were struggling with areas of sin and compromise, I would call them on it and also Pray for them dilegently.

I remember I wrote this LONG Prayer list and posted it above my bed so I could read the list and Pray before I went to Sleep. But somewhere along the way my Radicalness for Christ quieted down.

I am not sure if it was because I went to a Christian College or not but something changed when I was in college for me. A friend from college commented to me once that it embarrased them that I always talk about God when I was in public places.  I wasn't aware that I did that but I maybe became more self conscience about it and my Radicalness for Christ slowly stopped Showing.

I think as we get older we start to care more about what others think about us more than Serving God and Sharing God's Love to the Lost. We get so busy with Life that we allow ourselves to become not only stagnant but also irrelevant. When that happends our Faith becomes something "personal" and we start to slink into being more comfortable, safe and tolerant of things, that if we were "Radical Believers" I don't think would be so "open" to things we know does not align its self to the word of God.

Jesus was Radical. He stirred the pot amongst religious Jews and yet would talk to, pray for, heal and restore the person that everyone thought was a sinner, low-life or unimportant. We as believers are Called to Live out our lives Radically as Christ Did.

When I chose to quit my Job to pursue God more and seek his direction for my life this August, It kinda was the first "radical" Thing I've done since High school.  I am looking forward to makeing More Radical Choices  for Christ in 2009, Will you Join me?