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1/05/2009 Estreitta 1 Comments

Philippians 3:14 (Amplified Bible)
I press on toward the goal to win the [supreme and heavenly] prize to which God in Christ Jesus is calling us upward.

So much has changed and so much is different than where i was at a year ago.

Nothing really makes you realize that you are alive until when you are faced with your own mortality. October 28 marked the 1 yr anniversary of my first lumpectomy. Then January marks the anniversary 8 weeks worth of radiation began.

Last year, Erik and I were still looking for a Church, now we have been regularly attending Shady Grove Church in Grand Prairie Texas for over 6 months now. There we have been building friendships and it has been good to be connected again with a great body of believers who are truly passionate for the Lord. We have started making new friends and connecting with a great group of people.

Last year I was working 40-50 hrs a week for a Construction company in Fort Worth. Now I am working on figuring out what is next for me. Erik and I are in the beginning stages of starting a
Worship band (click the link to see our craigslist ad). We hope to get started soon and we are starting to meet with people over the next week or so. We are really excited about How God has been expanding and increasing our vision for worship.

For 2008, God impressed on us that it was the Year of Rekindling. Rekindling dreams and visions. For 2009, we feel the Lord impressing on us that this is the Year of Expansion and Increase. We believe God wants us to expand and increase our vision and continue to step out in faith in areas that we haven't before.

In December, Erik and I attended Fire by Night Worship Service at Convergence Church in Fort Worth, Texas. The presence of the Lord was so strong. During the Service, Pastor Steve gave us the following word from the Lord (if you'd like to hear it
Click here otherwise read below)

“You’re a Catalyst in this Region
God’s given you influence
He’s given you authority
He’s given you favor
He’s opening doors in front of you.

This couple back here…

God’s opening Doors for you
It’s a time of Favor in your Life, there’s increase
And you have begun to see it as the end of this year has been opening up
Early in the year was a very very difficult time through the middle of the year
Then here at the end of the year some things have begun to break
And God has begun to open things up for you
And there is tremendous favor on you
There’s a creativity on you on both of you
And both of you are just shining with the favor of God
And there is promotion for you guys in the Spirit
There’s increase
New avenues of provision that are set up for you
I believe in the First and Second Quarter of 2009
And we just bless you

I see on you my sister here
There is a prophetic anointing on your life
There’s this creative prophetic thing that God has put on you
And it is going to be breaking forth even more
And you are like a boredom destroyer (everyone begins to laugh here)
If you go into a place where there’s black and white
And it’s dull it ain’t staying that way once you got there
It’s coming to Life, God loves that about you
And That has been on you all of your life
But there’s an ability right now it’s like your capacity to impart that has increased
The level of influence in your life
Because I feel like you guys both passed a test in this year
I so there is a definite increase on you

And I see on you sir, a mantle of wisdom
There is wise counsel that is stored upon you
There’s a teaching anointing that has been on you all of your life
Even when you were a little kid, you were going around teaching people how to do things
‘And here’s how you do it, here’s how you play with this toy’
I mean some people didn’t even like it (everyone begins to laugh here)
But there is a teaching anointing
And a Wisdom that is going to come forth on you in a greater way
And I see God [giving] you wisdom on how to put numbers together for this season
And you are going to have that wisdom on you for your personal life and your family
And I see it going beyond your family
The wisdom of numbers like falling into place
I see like columns of numbers and things really coming into place for you
And I see like these numbers are really wet and they are very anointed
So I believe there is a fresh anointing on you in that area
There is something that God is doing in the first part of 2009 in your family
It’s like God is giving a fresh stirring of the Spirit of God
And it’s like the things that you that you guys have pressed through this year
Is causing a drawing on your family line
Increase, so you need to be on the looking for Kingdom Increase on your Family as you come into 2009

Father we bless this couple in the Name of Jesus Amen!”

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