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5/13/2008 Estreitta de Kluetz 1 Comments

1. Age at next birthday

I am turning 33!  

 2. A place to which you'd like to travel

I long for the day i can go to Australia

3. Your favorite place (local)

 It is this great little spot that I found that you can buy lots designer clothes up to 80% off. practically all the clothes i wear is from this place! :)

4. Your favorite objects


I love my pillow as soon as i hit the bed i fall asleep


We got a new leather couch a few months ago i absolutely love it!  and it is so very comfy

We got a new sony Vaio computer a few months ago i absolutely love it.  it's kewl...sleek..and it's mine!

5. Your favorite food

Blue Bell Ice Cream is the BEST!!! Butter Pecan and Rocky Road is awesome...I wish they had a low carb line....

Spumoni is awesome if you haven't tried it you are missing out

Greek food is the best! I could live off it!

Sangrias are my favorite wine beverage

Nothing beats a refreshing glass of club soda with a lime

6. Your favorite animals


7. Your favorite color


8. City where you were born

(in Bristol, PA)

9. Town where you live

10. Name of a past pet


11. First name of a past love


Jesus Christ is my first Love!!

12. Your best friend's name


(Mandy and i have been friends since we were 10

13. Your nickname

my mom to this day calls me this... she said when I was little i always wanted to fix my hair like princess leah.

14. Your first name

in spanish it means rainbow

in english it's a flower


15. Your middle name


16. Your last name


(kluetz crest)

17. Bad habit of yours

Eating junk food

18. First job


19. Grandmothers' names


(my mom's mom - we called her Mama')

(My Dad's Mom)

20. Your college major


with emphasis in