Go & Sin No More

8/15/2014 Estreitta 0 Comments

When Jesus spoke into the life of the woman at the well and to the woman caught in adulery. He called out her sin. He addressed her choice to be in an adulterous relationship. He didn't shame her but he called her on it, clearly and directly. The Last thing Jesus said to her and to many of people he ministered to was to "Go and sin no more"

What Jesus did it was lifted the veil of her sin. Revealed to her what was hindering her life and causing separation from God and told her that she didn't have to live that way any more. 

When we sin, it separates us From God. There is no if's and's or but's about it. The more we give over to our sin, regardless of what that sin is, it will succumb and over take our lives:

Our choice to sin brings about confusion, torment and disillusionment. We then start seeing the world, our walk with God though the shade of the color of our sin. Meaning it then starts to make us begin believe the lie that the sin we choose to be is a way of life and it is who we are, and God should and will be ok with that sin.  The Enemy loves to cloud our judgement and and have us see God through his perspective.  

Once we have been taken over by our sin, we then begin to accept our sin as the only and best way to live and become intolerant towards those who take issue with our sin. 

We then isolate ourselves from those who love us, speak truth to us and want us to walk away from that sin. 

We start making friendship and surrounding ourselves with those who agree with our sin, who enjoy doing the same types if sin, who encourage us to continue to sin because it is way more enjoyable and fun... and all the others who want us to walk away from the sin just don't want us to have fun.  

Then the sin isn't just that one sin other sins begin to jump on board, boundaries are crossed. Things we once said we would never do or participate in gradually enter into our lives.  We then become so deeply engrossed in our sins that we begin to forget what our lives were like before we made sin our best friend. Years pass and we have forgotten what our lives we like before the sin and now start actively recruiting others to join in our sin with us.

That is what sin does to our lives. But Jesus came to set us free from our sin.  He wants us to have best life.  He wants us to be free from the things that our sin cost us.  He wants the bondage of the sin to be removed from our life.  All we have to do is surrender our lives to Jesus. Repent and go and sin no more.  Then once we do that it, he removes the burden if our sin and the healing begins.

Go and sin no more means,choosing to change the way if thinking, eradicating the obstacles and things associated with the sin from our lives by rebuilding and rehabilitation the crumbly foundation of the old sin in our lives and building walls of hope peace, joy, strength, wisdom, hope, faith.  Depending on how embedded the old sin was in our lives, rebuilding our lives with the Truth may take some time.  Allowing the truth to shine a light on the darkness we invited into our lives exposes it and the darkness dissipates completely.

We are able to see the effects of the old way of life had on us. But now that the Master Architect is leading the team, he knows how to fix, clean, restore and remove any residue of the old sin so much so that he makes all things new and better before with a stronger foundation.