How I OVERCAME Breast Cancer!

12/03/2013 Estreitta 1 Comments

Six years ago in November, I was preparing for surgery, I had been diagnosed with Breast Cancer in September of 2007. No woman ever wants to hear a doctor tell you, at any age let alone 32, that you have breast cancer.... This is my story on how I OVERCAME Breast Cancer! 

When I received the diagnosis, you can probably imagine how so many racing thoughts run through your mind. As I prepared for the surgery I had so many tests, biopsies, and breast scans.  IT was a crazy weird dream in the be.  Even with all that going on I knew in my heart the Lord would carry me through this every step of the way. I didn't ask why I got cancer because when you ask questions like that it only builds resentment and bitterness in your heart, especially when you come from a place of hurt. However, I did ask the Lord if I would survive and I heard the Lord say to me, as clear as day:

"Estreitta, a survivor is a victim of something and you WILL NOT be a victim of this cancer but an Overcomer of this Cancer! " 

I am so grateful for the strength and relationship I have with the Lord that be with me through every thing. I never worried cause, I had that word to stand on as well as the Word of God & his promises to believe and have faith in His abilities to get me though this as he had done SO MANY times in the past. Pulling me out of bad relationships, deep depression and even suicidal thoughts as a result of the poor choices I made, how much more would He, the God of the Universe, who holds the world in the palm of his hand get me through this season in my life.  

So I just wanted to take a moment, remember and celebrate what the Lord has done in my life. What I experienced has given me more reason to love life,  share with others about How I Overcame Breast Cancer by standing on the Truth of his Word and the light of his love to those I encounter.  

No matter how deep or dark your valley is, i want to encourage you to just lift your hands, reach out to the Lord and I PROMISE YOU He will hold you in the palm of his hand, Love you, and HE will show you the purpose and reason he has put you on the earth and reveal to you GREAT and Mighty things that are unimaginable.  Even though, bad things do happen to Good, kind, loving, never hurt a fly people everyday if you Trust in the Lord with all your heart lean not in your own understanding but in all your ways acknowledge Him and HE will direct your path! (Proverbs 3:4-6)

 In other words, He is God and you are not, when you realize this and have the full understanding of Who God IS, the devastating things that happen in our lives will look completely different. Your perspective will change, your paradigm will shift 360.  Those things from the past that used to consume your thoughts and the lies that the enemy tries to get you to believe will no longer effect you or the choices you make

After 2 lumpectomies, 8 weeks of radiation, tons of praying, and so many AMAZINGLY supportive friends and family members,  I made it through it and Overcame the cancer. I just Celebrated 6 years of being cancer free this November. God is Good!

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  1. Isleen Rodriguez12/16/13, 11:50 AM

    God is amazing to see you healing after 6 years. 5 years you are in remission but 6th year is something to celebrate!