For the Single Women in my Life

9/06/2013 Estreitta 0 Comments

If you haven't had the opportunity to read What to Do Until Love Finds You by Michelle McKinney-Hammonds, you need to it is an Amazing Book.  When I was in college and pining for my Mr Wonderful to come along I read this book and it changed my life and perspective on relationships entirely.  Here is an excerpt from her book that I printed out and had on my wall to read every day:

I want God’s man
I want a man
   not just any man
      I want God’s man Hand-picked
         Kingdom appointed
            for such a woman as this…
   I’m looking for a love
      not just any love
         I want the God kind of love
            filling a heart that beats 
               to the kingdom’s rhythm
         Holy Ghost saturated
      the kinda love that
   can’t be rated…
      poured out
         runnin’ ovah
            like a water in a glass
         already full of good things
      Smooth as silk
   yet tough as rope
Wrapping around my soul
   Keepin’ it all together forever
      With room enough for me to be
a woman
   not just any woman
      God’s woman
         whole and free to love you
            the way I want you to love me
         With a love, not just any love
      But the God kind of love
   Rich as a sinful dessert
         Pure as tried gold
            The kind of love that can hold onto your hand
         and God’s at the very same time
      Delivered from all other ties that bind
   And yes, I’m free enough to wait…
      For a man, not just any man
         But the man who understands
            and knows what love means
         and lives what God says…
     And wants what I want
A real love
   A strong love
      A tall love
         Agape love.
           God’s love.

- Michelle McKinney Hammond