We need the Wonderful Working Power of the blood of Jesus #PRAYAMERICA

8/02/2013 Estreitta 0 Comments

Today my Nana called to check on things here at Casa de Kluetz.  We started talking about our hunt for a new church. She then started mentioning the revival meetings she would go to as a young teenager and into her adulthood.  She was talking about how when someone was sick in the church body everyone would come together and pray for heaven to come to earth and ask for a healing touch.  She said, "I couldn't tell you how many miracles I've seen God do, its sad that you don't see it in the church anymore. People don't even pray in tongues or plead the blood of Jesus any more!"  She then began to tell me about how the young people would be laid out on the floor praying, crying, being touched by the Lord.  After the Adults were done the parents would have to search for the kids because there were so many.  She said, "Church just isn't like it used to be..."

I totally agree, we have visited several churches over the past few months and there were only a few of them where you could see the hand of God moving on the lives of the people.  This church hunt hasn't been easy, there are only two that we really feel closely meets what we are looking for in a church, but we still have so many more to visit.  I wish this process wasn't taking so long.Even though I had a  about a specific church, we're visiting them this week, however, I am not totally sure that church has everything we are looking for either. God help us!!!

We want a church that isn't afraid to go after the power of God's presence.  There are so many people leaving the church because as my friend Mandy put it, "People Crave the reality of Jesus," and the reality is that many Churches are scared to present the reality of who Jesus is.  Yes Jesus said all who are weary and heavy laden come unto me and I will give you rest and in some translations it says peace...  Peace that comes in knowing that Jesus rescued us all from our sin.  We need to hear more in church about the basics of Christianity, such as repentance, holiness, sacrifice, how to witness to the lost, prayer, Gods's anointing, the Blood of Jesus, the Cross.  We need to move back to the simplicity of who God is and what his Word says not peoples (mis) interpretation of his Word.

I remember in the church growing up as young people our Youth Pastors Dave & Lea Bianchi would have these nights of prayer and worship at their house called Friday Night Fire. God moved, God Spoke so many powerful things during that time.  Nowadays many youth or young adults don't even know how to pray or how to share their faith or what being consecrated unto the Lord even means.  

Lord, I repent for the lackadaisical approach of the church.  Lord, let those who do claim they do the work of the ministry but do not pursue your presence be drawn unto you Lord.  Brand them with a passion to save the Lost, a heart for your people.  God help them to seek YOU Alone to  for guidance and direction of their ministry and not the latest trend in the church. Bring Unity back to the body of Christ!  Bring revival to America! Bring the manifestations of  your Wonder Working Power like we have never seen before.  Lord I also pray for those church leaders that are doing things that do not align with your precepts that you bring conviction and repentance. For those leaders in the church that are on assignment from the enemy, I pray you expose them and you bring greater discernment to the Body of Christ. Lord prepare your Bride for the things to come in this age, make us ready to be aware of the enemy's schemes and keep guard and keep watch.  Bring all believers in Jesus back to the true thing and focus.  Have your way Jesus!!!