Annual Exam

9/11/2009 Estreitta 3 Comments

I woke up yesterday morning feeling ready to take on the day.  I knew when I went to bead early the night before that I wanted to be rested because I was scheduled to go get my annual mammogram.  Erik and i both got ready and made our way to the hospital district in Fort Worth. As we were driving, without me saying a word, I placed my and on Eriks lap and he grabbed my hand and he began to pray for me and my appointment.  Even though I was confident and expected the doctor to tell me as she did before that I did not have any signs of cancer, a little nervousness grew as we got closer to the Solis Women's Health Center. 
We got to the office right at 8:15 am and I signed myself in.  A few minutes later, they called my name (the legal one, mind you), had me sign some papers and brought me back to the waiting area/dressing rooms and handed me the shirth-sized robe.  I changed and sat down then almost immediately the radiology specialist called me and led me to the mammography room.  

This is never the fun part, but i did bear through the pain of squishing, poking and prodding. Even though the radiology specialist was ever so gentle.  After she took the four images, she led me to a smaller, different waiting room. 

I waited for about 20 minutes and she came in and asked me to follow her back to mammography room.  The last time they did that, that is when they saw the DCIS. My mind then started going like 100 miles a minute.

When we entered the room she said, "i think I was trying to be to delicate with you as the films didn't come out right on the right side" (the opposite side of the one I had the surgery)  When I looked over at the previous slides and there was this pea sized dot on the screen.  I thought at that time, "Lord, I trust you, and I expect you to proove yourself as you have done before."

The radiology specialist took the images again (Alot Tighter) then led me to the secondary waiting room.  The longest 10 minutes of my life.  I sat there praying in the spirit.  Then there was a lady sitting next to me, and we began to talk.  Come to find out she is from the same town I grew up.  We started chit chatting. 

Then a Nurse came and called my name and She led me down the hall back to the dressing rooms, and said "Everything came out on the second images and everything looks good,  There must not have been enough compression on the first set.   Sorry for the confusion, I bet you were freaking out a bit."  I said, "Yes, but Thank God everything came out looking good."

What a rollercoaster!  But I trusted God, no matter the outcome.