The End Result of this election!

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I originally posted this on a discussion that is going on with a friend but I thought i should post it here too Below is what I said:

Whatever happens in this election there is one very important thing we need to do as believers, We MUSTN'T allow whoever doesn't or does become President divide us. this election has been very divisive. Each of us believe that our Candidate and their platforms will change the problems of this country. And we MUST remember that unless the people of this country change their hearts towards God and desire to live holy lives this world and the age to come will get worse and worse. that is a Fact no matter who is President. We need to unite a believers to pray. Pray for our country, Pray for Revival, and Pray For God to touch the hearts every man, woman, and child to seek the face of God. and we need to Pray for the church to share the Love of God to everyone we come incontact with!

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I posted this reply over on that other social networking site, but I thought I'd post it over here too:

Amen, Estreitta, I can certainly 100% agree with you on the importance of spiritual unity over political division. We are identified most by our baptism, not by our party affiliation. And regardless of the outcome of these elections, God is still on the throne. He is sovereign. We can trust God with whatever may come. Thanks for that important reminder!

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