A Presidential Candidate I can relate with.

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my hubby and I have had very little excitement over most of the republican candidates so far. We typically vote republican mostly because of their stance on Marriage and Right to life. (unfortunately even some of the "frontrunners" like Guliani is more of a liberal republican and has also been married 3 times, McCain more center conservative but married 2 times, same for Fred Thompson) I truly think people do make mistakes, but it just doesn't sit right with me & erik that several of these candidates have an issue with commitment to their marriages.
i do also have to mention, that there are some aspects of the democrats that i appreciate (taking care of the poor, education, and healthcare - Which incedently is supposted to be taken care of by the body of Christ, but I wont go there today) Unfortaunately many of Dem platforms do not align with my core beliefs. 
so I can't in good conscience vote for a democrat or repuplican for that matter that doesn't exude moral values. i digress...
So anyway, on Saturday Erik and I talked about all the candidates and he mentioned Mike Huckabee being a bass player and he liked that about him.  I told him we should "look him up" and this is what we found Michael Dale "Mike" Huckabee (born August 24, 1955) is a former governor of the U.S. state of Arkansas, having served from 1996 to 2007. He was the third Republican governor of the state since Reconstruction. He officially announced his candidacy for the 2008 United States presidential election on January 28, 2007, and has been running a national campaign since then...
Huckabee is an ordained Southern Baptist minister and considered a strong social conservative. He is well known for losing 110 pounds and advocating a healthy lifestyle. [1] While his campaign has not raised nearly as much money as other top-tier candidates, Huckabee placed second in the Iowa Straw Poll on August 11, 2007, garnering 18.1% of the vote to third place finisher Sam Brownback (15.3%) and first place finisher Mitt Romney
How did they meet and get engaged? It was young love for Mike and Janet, who met during junior high school. The two started dating their senior year of high school. Before Mike proposed, he asked permission from Janet's mother and stepfather. "I didn't have money for a ring yet, so I used a pull-tab from a soda can and proposed to her in her living room," Mike says.
Early life
Huckabee was born in Hope, Arkansas, to Mae Elder and Dorsey W. Huckabee. He was elected Governor of Arkansas Boys State in 1972 and is a Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Alumnus. He graduated magna cum laude from Ouachita Baptist University, completing his bachelors degree in 2½ years before attending Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas[2]
Prior to his political career, Huckabee was pastor of several Southern Baptist churches in Arkadelphia, Texarkana, and Pine Bluff, Arkansas. He served as president of the Arkansas Baptist State Convention from 1989 to 1991 and as president of a religion-oriented television station.
Political positions
Main article: Political positions of Mike Huckabee
·         Huckabee is pro-life, and opposes same-sex marriages, and civil unions
·         Huckabee is against gun control and is an avid hunter.
·         Huckabee supports the death penalty
·         Huckabee has expressed support for allowing Creationism and Intelligent Design in school science classes along with Evolution.
·         Huckabee supports the War in Iraq, the troop surge and the continued operation of the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.[1]
·         Huckabee endorsed the use of foreign workers from ..:Canada and Mexico for agricultural labor[52], opposed McCain/Kennedy immigration bill[53] and believes the United States' number one priority should be to secure America's borders.[54]. He said of the border, "Police it, absolutely. Militarize it, no." [55] In an interview with CBS news Huckabee said that his intends to reach out to minorities, unions and other traditional Democratic groups. "If Republicans don't win minority votes and votes that we traditionally don't get, Hillary Clinton's the next president," Huckabee said in a teleconference with reporters while campaigning in Iowa. [56]
·         Huckabee supports the FairTax as a replacement for the current tax system.[57]
·         The FairTax (H.R.25/S.1025) is a bill in the United States Congress for changing tax laws to replace the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and all federal income taxes (including Alternative Minimum Tax), payroll taxes (including Social Security and Medicare taxes), corporate taxes, capital gains taxes, gift taxes, and estate taxes with a national retail sales tax, to be levied once at the point of purchase on all new goods and services. The proposal also calls for a monthly payment to households of citizens and legal resident aliens (based on family size) as an advance rebate of tax on purchases up to the poverty level for the following month.[2] The sales tax rate, as defined in the legislation, is 23% of the total register price (23¢ of every $1—
·         Calculated the same way as income taxes), which is comparable to a 30% traditional state sales tax (30¢ on top of every $1).[3] Because the U.S. tax system has a hidden effect on prices,[4] it is expected that moving to the FairTax would decrease production costs from the removal of business taxes and compliance costs, which is predicted to offset a portion of the FairTax effect on prices. [5]    
There are a few articles that have been written about him here are a few interesting ones i came across today: