Someone on the Corner

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[I remember writing this in a spanish lab class in college my freshman year.  it was a pretty gloomy doomy winter day and this poem just fell on the paper. I imagined someone at a streetcorner waiting for the light to turn so they can cross over to the otherside and these thoughts going through their head]
Someone on the CornerWritten by I. Estreitta Martin de KluetzFall 93 (Revised June 2007)
The dour clouds,
The dark sky,
The rain falling on my head, I feel like I need to cry

(The Blood that You Shed)
My day drags on,
I want to turn to someone and ask for help,
but my pain is trapped inside of me
(I can only wonder how you felt)
I see many people pass me by,
I try to hide,
but a smile I give, Yet I feel even worseInside I scream "I need help somebody..
Is ther any who can save me from my pain?"
(You never changed)
I go on hurtNo one asksNo one caresOh this sad life is not fairWhy must I go on living like this...Lonely, Lost, Longing for love
(Yours is the only True love)
I know I musn't hide itI know I must let goBut where, oh where do I go?It's been so longLast time I spoke to youI was so very young and na├»ve..

(Why did I ever leave you?)
I am no oneI am worthlessI've done so muchAll these lies and so many years have passed
(I know You're there and You've always been)
I can't deny that Love only exists because of YouI can't explain your Grace inspite of my prideI can't help but surrender this mess I've made
(The Nails, The Cross, Your Death, Your Ressurection)
I  repent, acknowledge, and confessThis heart, soul, and mind is yoursA new Life I have been givenIn you I find peace and rest

in a
big darkness
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