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Last night I had a party.. It started at 7:30 PM on Satuday November 25. I invited several people I sang with in a group called Encore. It was the top show Choir in my school and even the State :)

I sent out some invites and several responded. some said they couldn't attend but wanted to, while others were enthusiastic about attending and accepted my invitation!

So I started planning for the party. Erik and I began working on  home projects around the house 3 weeks ago.. we painted the Master Bathroom (it used to be an UGLY Forrest Green Color Trim and All with cream tiles..the former owners must have been color-blind) we cleaned up the front yard from all the leaves that strated falling and stayed up late doing the laundry and vaccuming the house, shoving stuff into a room no one would look at..as would any one planning a get together at thier home..

So as Saturday happend upon us we put the finishing touches on the food and desserts put out all the air fresheners and wallah a party was ready to start.

I even went out and bought a cute little outfit!

Well 7:30 pm came and Went and then at 9:30 pm after no phone calls or emails... It hit me that one was showing up.

Now, I could get really upset and even depressed about it... I could have the thought that I must not have received the memo that they all got not to come to My Encore Reunion. I could have got down on my self and think I was always the outsider and the odd ball in High school.  But I didn't... well maybe for like a second....

I do have to say I was pretty dissapointed.  But Hey Now Erik and I get to eat all the leftovers, well the low carb opions.  The other stuff I have to through away so we dont cheat and go over our daily carb allowance.  Fudge brownies, sourdough bread for the spinach dip, Coke, Dr Pepper, & Sprite ....Well i might just give it away to some one that can use it.

Another good aspect to this no show party is we are left with a sparkely clean house that looks and smells of apple cinnamon. We also decided to take our Christmas picture... my new profile pic is one of the pictures taken. I even stayed up and ordered my Photo Christmas Cards. (Speaking of... Email me your Address if you want to be on my mailing list for a Christmas Card at the2lovebyrds@hotmail.com

So Even though i have tons of leftovers I got alot accomplished and motivated my self to finally do some projects I have been meaning to do since March, when we moved in.

In the Future, I think I will plan other parties... but It will be BYOF (Bring your own food) and then I will only plan for enough food that Erik and I can eat!

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    what a bummer! I'm so sorry that Brent and I couldn't make it, but our Thanksgiving plans only took us as far as Kansas!!! I know it would have been great fun hanging out with all my old Encore and choir friends though. I am very glad to hear that you didn't get upset about it. People always get busy at the holidays (more busy than they expect) and forget things...I know because I'm one of those people - I overcommit and bust my behind to make it to each and every event but find myself not enjoying any of it because I'm in such a rush (I do, however, usually attend what I say I will, but that's because I'm seriously Type-A personality, haha)!!!! It also sounds like you got a great deal from the lack of attendees - good food for you and Erik, good alone time for you and Erik, fancy dressin' up pics (the pic of you looks fabulous by the way), and a clean house (something we all need to do occasionally)!!!!!!!!!!

    I hope the rest of your holiday was lovely, AND I hope you have a great week...welcome December!



    Posted by Christi on Sunday, November 26, 2006 - 8:27 PM