Praising the Lord in the Midst of a Trial

8/28/2007 Estreitta de Kluetz 1 Comments

Never in a million years would i think that i would be dealing with this, especially at my age. But I praise the Lord Even still, because His name is Great and Greatly to be Praised.

A few weeks ago i had some strange symptoms and went to the doctor to "Check things out" and they sent me to go to get some more test which lead to a biopsy last Wednesday.
well my friends, i have some news to share with you.  yesterday, i was diagnosed with a non-invastive form of breast cancer called DCIS, Ductal Carcinoma in Situ. and Still i will Praise The Lord with all that is within me!

On Thursday Aug 31, Erik and I will be meeting with a surgeon and I will let you know what happens as a result of that appointment. Moreso, I will Praise the Lord, for He is Good and his Mercy Endures for ever.

in the Mean time I need you to pray in agreement with us.

First and Foremost, Pray that the Power of the Holy Spirit heal my body by destroying every cancer cell even the so called "dormant" cancer cells from ever growing again.  Pray the God gives us a Surgeon, Oncologyst and nurses that have Wisdom, knowledge and trust in the Lord with all their Heart, Soul and Mind.  Pray for favor with the insurance to assist us with payment for any test, treatments, and surguries i might have to undergo. Pray for our finances. (as I have heard the medical bills can be astronomical) Pray for my close friends and Family for strength and continual peace to be with them as they support me through this trial. Pray for me to Remember God's Promises and purposes I know he has for me. and Then Praise Him For His healing power, his provision, his favor, and strength and peace and His promises, because they never fail.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  I truly am greatful for the people I am surrounded by not only in proximity but also on myspace.